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What is Tool & Die Racking?

Tool and Die Racks are designed to provide vertical storage for manufacturing equipment that is challenging to store due to its size and weight. Tools and dies are difficult to handle and unable to be stacked, therefore they are often stored on the manufacturing floor. Storing them on the floor takes up valuable space and makes these expensive items susceptible to damage.

Using a heavy duty support structure with high-strength shelves, tool and die racks are designed to accommodate these issues as well as provide vertical storage over the floor. Tool/die racks are designed to be serviced by fork lift or a stacker-type crane system. Benefits include easy access, reduced damage, improved safety and maximization of floor space.


Tool and Die Racking System
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Wrong storage of tool and die

Tooling, die, molds, jogs and fixtures are known to be hard-to-handle and easy to damage. These items are challenging to store because of their size, weight and inherent inability to be stacked or nested.

What do most companies do with such items?

If you're like most companies you probably store them on the floor. But storing items on the floor is not only a waste of valuable space, it's dangerous. Having items spewed haphazardly around the shop floor makes them susceptible to damage and can endanger employees who are constantly walking around and over them.

Wrong storage of tool and die

With tool and die storage racks, tooling is individually stored in an easy-to-access location that is secure, safe and ergonomically friendly to access.

A better way - SJF's Tool & Die Racks

SJF's Tool & Die Racks provide vertical storage capacity on ergonomically friendly high-strength shelves designed to accommodate the odd shapes and hard to handle manufacturing equipment.

SJF Tool & Die Racks are Designed & Manufactured Using AISC Standards

American Institute of Steel Construction

Each of our Tool & Die Storage Rack Systems are engineered with American-made parts using American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) standards, which typically meets or exceeds Rack Manufacturer's Institute (RMI) standards. AISC standards were developed for heavy-duty structural steel construction projects, such as bridges and buildings. We do not source steel from China, which is a common shortcut for some other manufacturers.

The stringent nature of these standards, coupled with our conservative approach to structural rack design, means you can be confident that your people and products are safe and secure. All rack beams and columns are manufactured using structural steel with wide flange beams and a 50 KSI minimum yield, offering greater strength and durability compared to roll-formed steel.

SJF is the only company of a handful of tool & die distributors selling rack systems that can meet this standard. These are the highest standards available for tool & die racks on the market today.

AISC standards were developed to guide the design of large steel structures such as bridges and buildings. We realize that many of our clients are storing literally millions of dollars worth of equipment. A rack failure is simply not an option that can be tolerated. Building using the most stringent standards in structural rack design means you can be confident that equipment you purchase from SJF will keep both your people and your product safe and secure.

Advantages of Using Racking for Tool & Die Storage

Tool & Die Rack Diagram

Tool & die rack advantages include:

  • Ergonomically friendly organized storage – Items are stored either on a choice of deck plates, open beams or fork entry bars for easy location and access.
  • Greater safety – Engineered racks store tooling in a safe, easy to access manner reducing the risk of worker injuries.
  • Reduced damage – Items are protected from accidental impact, dirt and debris.
  • Frees up floor space with high density storage – Tool and die racks free up valuable floor space while maximizing warehouse storage density.

Tool & Die Rack Design Features

Tool and Die Storage Racks

All vertical and horizontal members are manufactured using hot rolled structural beams with a 50 KSI minimum yield. Shop and compare. Structural steel offers greater strength and durability compared to roll-formed or lesser grade steel. SJF’s tool & die rack systems are designed, engineered and manufactured to better resist damage from handling equipment while providing larger load capacities.

  • Structural I-beam construction
  • Shelving configurations include deck plates, open beam and fork entry bar to accommodate your specific storage needs
  • Adjustable bolted shelf beam construction accommodates changing storage needs
  • Shelf beams attach to the columns using A325 structural bolts. Pre-drilled holes are provided in upright baseplates for anchor bolt connections to the floor
  • Shelf beams adjust in 4-inch increments
  • Structural bolt-together brace systems offer lateral rigidity
  • Modular design makes it easy to add more bays
  • Columns and shelf beams are bundled for easy installation and cost-effective shipping
  • Load capacities: Our engineers racking systems to meet virtually any weight requirement. Typical systems support loads ranging from 2,000 pounds per tier up to 80,000 pounds per tier and higher

Optional Features

  • Shelf beam adjustment in 3-inch increments
  • Back stop beams to prevent stored items from being pushed off the back of the shelf

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Tool and Die Racking System

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