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New & Used Warehouse Racks and Pallet Storage Racks & Racking Systems

2016 marks SJF's 37th anniversary as a nationwide provider of pallet storage systems and other material handling equipment. Our wide array of material handling equipment covers everything from new and used pallet racks, conveyors, vertical and horizontal carousels, controls, software, engineering and systems design.

Nation's #1 Largest Stocking Distributor of Used Pallet Racking

At SJF Material Handling, we stock almost every make and model of material handling equipment imaginable. If it goes into a warehouse, we have it. SJF's dealer and supplier network covers over 24,000 unique sources for equipment assuring you a one-stop-shop for any equipment need or request. Our Winsted, Minnesota warehouse is home to over 20 acres of new and used material handling equipment.

SJF's Used Pallet Rack Inventory in Minnesota

Unlike many other material handling companies who advertise online, at SJF Material Handling, we only advertise equipment we own. We encourage our clients to personally inspect any of the equipment we list for sale prior to purchasing. For over a decade, SJF has been the Nation's #1 largest stocking distributor of affordable pallet racks and storage rack systems. With over 24 acres of material handling equipment in stock, you won't find a better source or selection of the equipment you need. If you're serious about finding the material handling equipment you want from a distributor you can trust, give SJF Material Handling Inc. a call. We'll make you glad you did!

Please call 1.800.598.5532 or for pricing, availability and lead times. If you don't see what you're looking for, our sales professionals can often find it.

Used Pallet Rack Identification Guides

There are several makes, models and styles of industrial storage racks designed for storing and handling pallets inside a warehouse or distribution center. Shown above are three of today's 20+ most popular styles of warehouse storage racks, along with our exclusive pallet rack style guide for identifying a wide array of pallet rack manufacturers.

Since 1979, SJF clients have requested both new and used pallet racks and warehouse racking systems in almost every make, model and size imaginable. During this time, we have gained the requisite knowledge of hundreds of various rack designs and build configurations, ensuring all of the pallet racking that leaves our facility will be safe, reliable and meets or beats the manufacturers specs.

To help familiarize yourself with some of the basics, we have developed several detailed guides to aid you in picking and choosing among the many new and used rack systems on the market today. Listed below are some of the guides we have to help you make an educated decision on any pallet rack system you plan to purchase.

Pallet Rack Guides & Articles

How to Buy Pallet Racks

Now that you've done the research, you're ready to take the next step and actually purchase some warehouse storage rack. SJF has several ways to do business – online, offline or both!

How to Get a Pallet Rack Quote Online

Whether you're looking for Teardrop, Interlake, Structural, Keystone or any other style of pallet racking, keep a lookout for this button:

Quote Button

This 'Quote' button is your ticket to getting a quote on pallet rack or any other material handling equipment you see on the website. Simply click the button and fill out the short form that appears. Your quote request will be answered within 24 hours by one of our qualified pallet rack experts.

Alternately, if you would like to get an idea on the components necessary for a pallet rack system, you can try out our pallet rack quote tool. This tool will help you lay out a basic selective rack system and break down the component parts so you can get an idea on how much rack you will need to purchase.

How to Buy Pallet Racks

Buy Pallet Racks Online, MN

SJF currently offers teardrop pallet racks for sale online. Choose from SJF's in-stock pallet rack (the most popular), Interlake Pallet Rack, Mecalux Pallet Rack or Wireway/Husky pallet rack.

All of these racks are in-stock and ship within 48-72 hours of placing an order. You can also choose any of several popular accessories including:

  • Wire decking
  • Row spacers
  • Wall spacers
  • Pallet supports
  • And more

How to Sell Used Pallet Racks

That's right – Turn your used pallet racks into CASH!

SJF pays top dollar for pre-owned storage racking. Simply visit our Equipment Wanted page and fill out the form. Please be sure to include photos and as much detail on the rack you have available for sale.

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