ARB Overview

Activated Roller Belt (ARB) technology utilizes a modular plastic belt with integrated rollers. As product is conveyed, friction surfaces beneath the belt activates the integrated rollers to divert, align, or change orientation of a wide range of products. Capable of diverting product angularly up to 90 degrees.

ARB technology can be used a variety of uses including:
  • Sortation - Sort products for routing or shipping.
  • Singulator - Moving group product in to a single file or edge aligned line to reduce jamming, and improving sorter function and throughput.
  • Switches - Separate product from a single flow line into multiple lines.
  • Merging - Combine product from several lines whether parallel, perpendicular or angular from one another into a single flow line.
Rate: Approximately 2,000 units/hr

Benefits & Features

  • Versatile
    Able to handle a variety of products from envelopes, polybags, cartons, totes, and difficult to handle products such as tires, cans, etc.
  • Flexible Architecture
    Modular in design reducing design footprint
  • Easily Maintained
    Fewer components and sections can be exchanged simply by pulling a pin
  • Efficient Flow
    Gentle handling while providing mid-rate product movement.

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