Shoe Sortation Overview

A shoe sorter is a style of sorter that utilizes "shoes" that travel along conveyor slats. As product reaches a divert destination, the shoes are activated, and slide across the slats, diverting the product to the appropriate lane. Slats and the shoes being a positive divert mechanism allow shoe sorters to be an ideal solution for polybags, cartons, and totes.

Rate: Approximately 10,800 units/hr

Benefits & Features

  • Dependable
    Reliable and proven on a wide range of products and sizes. Including boxes, polybags, parcels, and totes.
  • Compact Design
    Single or dual-sided sortation utilizing 22 degree diverts allow tight divert centers.
  • Versatile
    Capable of handling virtually any length or width of product.
  • High-speed
    Capable of speeds over 500 FPM, shoe sorters offer one of the highest rates of sortation.