Heavy Duty Interlake Teardrop Pallet Racks

Used  Heavy Duty Teardrop Pallet Racking Uprights
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Heavy Duty Interlake Pallet Racking Uprights & Beams

Part number Interlake uprights/beams Size Qty. Price as
low as
RINFN4209633XUInterlake new style upright42"D x 96"H, 3" x 3" column30$166.00
RINFD4219233XUInterlake new style double posted upright42"D x 192"H, 3" x 3" column4$149.50
RINBS04804015XUInterlake new style step beam48"L x 4"H, 1.625" step4$24.25
RINBT09602615XUInterlake new style slotted step beam96"L x 2.75"H, 1.625" step7$31.00
RINBS09603215XUInterlake new style step beam96"L x 3.25"H, 1.625" step11$38.00
RINBT09603415XUInterlake new style slotted step beam96"L x 3.5"H, 1.625" step6$38.55
RINBT09604015XUInterlake slotted step beam96"L x 4"H, 1.625" step12 $41.00
RIPBS10765015XUInterlake punch style step beam107.75"L x 5"H, 1.625" step4$44.25
RIPBT10804015XUInterlake punch style slotted step beam108"L x 4"H, 1.625" step4$47.00
RIPBS10806015XUInterlake punch style step beam108"L x 5.928"H, 1.625" step5$42.00
RINBS13206015XUInterlake new style step beam132"L x 6"H, 1.625" step12$60.50
RINBT14404015XUInterlake new style slotted step beam144"L x 4"H, 1.625" step24$72.25

Pricing & availability subject to change without notice.