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Ace cardboard baler
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Ace Cardboard Baler

  • Model: 6030
  • Voltage: 208-230/480v 60Hz
  • Motor: 7.5HP
  • Dimensions: 80"W x 139"H x 40"D
  • Weight: 4,850 lbs
  • Bale size: 60"W x 42"H x 30"D
  • Bale weight: 850 to 1,100 lbs.

Included Equipment and Features:

  • Proximity (safety) sensors on both doors to assure safe operation, bottom door shut and feed gate locked before auto cycle can be initiated.
  • Auto/cycle hold position controls
  • Automatic load door opener
  • Nylatron wear pads, no metal on metal contact
  • Easy tie channel system for fast, easy tying off bales
  • System indicator light to assure ease of operation
  • Soft shift design for added life of hydraulic components
  • Timed baling sequence for dense consistent bales - NO PRESSURE SWITCHES
  • Feed gate mechanical lock to lower door for safe cardboard baling operation
  • Computer operated, with indicator lights (IE: indicate door open)
  • Dwell time against cardboard and other recycled material for dense consistent bales
  • SOLD – please call for information on similar products or click here to see our current inventory of new balers.

Pricing & availability subject to change without notice.

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