Used Pallet Racking & Wire Deck - Large Quantities

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This buy will be arriving soon and contains a huge quantity of beams, uprights, and wire decks.

Part Description Size Qty. Price Each
As Low As
RTDFN4236033XUUsed Teardrop standard frame42"L x 360"H2,043$265
Teardrop Beams
RINBS09203615XUUsed Interlake new style step beam92" x 3.75"80$20
96" x 4.5"146$25
120" x 3.75"8,600$23
144" x 4"137$35
144" x 5.5"12$47
144" x 6"184$48
144" x 6.5"38$55
Wire Decks
42" x 46" Wire decks13,860$16
42" x 58" Wire decks4,800$19

Pricing & availability subject to change without notice.