Used Structural Cantilever Warehouse Storage Racks

Structural Cantilever Rack
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Used Cantilever Storage Rack Systems

Brands in stock include Frazier, Jarke, Interlake, SJF and Steel King. Please call for details. Quantity discounts available.

Here is a sampling of the sizes and types of cantilever racking components sold by SJF Material Handling:

Cantilever Racks Priced FOB Minnesota

  • 16'H Single sided cantilever rack uprights and bases
  • 36" Cantilever beams or arms – Straight
  • 46" Cantilever beams – Straight (short height and lower capacity)
  • 46" Cantilever arms – Straight
  • 54" Cantilever beams – Straight
  • Cantilever 'X' brace sets – 32" x 60"

For new cantilever racking, kits and components, please visit our new cantilever racking page.

Pricing & availability subject to change without notice.

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