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White horizontal carousels
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Horizontal Carousel Systems - Features & Benefits

The horizontal carousels shown were professionally dismantled and removed from a facility in Utah where they had been used without problems for several years. Our professional crews verified counts, crated and loaded them onto trucks and they arrived back at our Winsted, MN facility.

  • High throughput - Picking rates up to 500 lines per operator, per hour.
  • Save space - Items are stored compactly in a confined space. Horizontal carousels reduce the storage footprint by eliminating order picking aisles used by conventional shelving storage systems. Storage and retrieval takes place at a centrally located position optimizing pick efficiency.
  • Increased accuracy - Utilizing paperless picking with the use of light trees, sort bars and software controlled picking virtually eliminates picking errors.
  • Reduced man hours - Items are brought to the operator eliminating walk and search time. The software automatically queues orders, batches picks and positions the carousels for picking, reducing idle and dwell time.
  • Cube utilization - Companies have been able to reclaim up to 75% of floor space when implementing a horizontal carousel system. Shelves are easily adjustable. Carousels may be tiered with or without mezzanines.
  • Payback (ROI) - Companies often recover their investment in less than one year through improved productivity, reduced floor space, reduced error rates, reduced shrinkage and greater uptime.

White Horizontal Carousel

  • Model#: WG24LK
  • Top drive - single motor
  • 29'3" overall length
  • 5'8" overall width
  • 103" overall height
  • 24 bins
  • Bin size: 24.5"W x 20"D x 96"H
  • 7-9 shelves/bin
  • Was $10,550.00
  • Now as low as $6,750.00

Remstar Horizontal Carousel

  • Model#: CD1024.5-30-11/24/3/12A
  • Top drive, dual drive
  • 150" overall height
  • 30 bins total
  • Bin size: 24"W x 24"D x 132"H
  • 7 shelves/bin
  • Needs controls
  • Was $13,995.00
  • Now as low as $10,995.00

Pricing & availability subject to change without notice.