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The cantilever arms, uprights, bases and sway brace sets listed below represent just a sampling of the many sizes and capacities of cantilever parts and components SJF sells. SJF also stocks a wide array of complete starter units and add on units of cantilever racks in used and refurbished condition. Contact one of our rack specialists for sizes, pricing & storage capacity per arm.

For new cantilever racking, kits and components, please visit our new cantilever racking page.

Brand Part Information
Interlake Arm Inclined, non-tapered – 4"H x 12 gauge, 42"
Interlake Arm Standard, tapered – 4"H x 12 gauge, 18" to 84"
Webb Upright 16' tall single sided cantilever upright and base
Webb Arm 1,200 lb. capacity, 48"
Webb Arm Standard, tapered – 6"H x 12 gauge, 12"
Lodi Arm 2,000 lb. capacity, 48"
Steel King Arm Standard, tapered – 4"H x 12 gauge, 48"
Meco Arm Open channel, incline, non-tapered – 4"H x 7 gauge, 32" to 36"
Frazier Arm Open channel, standard, non-tapered – 3"H x 8 gauge, 24"
Frazier Arm Open channel, standard, non-tapered – 3"H x 7 gauge, 24"
Frazier Upright Double sided, 72" base for 42/36" arms – 158"H
Palmer-Shile Arm Open channel, standard, tapered – 3"H x 8 gauge, 48"
Jarke Base Single sided, 59" base for 48" arms – 96"H
Jarke Upright Double-sided, 9"D column – 144"H
Blackstone Horizontal Brace For 48" center-to-center uprights

Pricing & availability subject to change without notice.