Used Teardrop Pallet Racking Beams, Uprights, & Row Spacers

Teardrop Pallet Rack Beams for sale
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Our inventory has been updated and we are getting more pallet racking parts in every day. Don't miss out - these won't last long!

Pallet Racking Beams

Part number Beam type Size Qty. Price each
as low as
Teardrop Beams
RTDBS09604015XUTeardrop step beams96"L x 4"H, 1.625" step272$33
RTDBS09602615XUTeardrop step beams96"L x 2.75"H, 1.625" step86$29 $27 - Price reduced
RTDBS09602415XUTeardrop step beams96"L x 2.5"H, 1.625" step145$29
RTDBS09604215XUTeardrop step beams96"L x 4.25"H, 1.625" step67$33
RTDBS10804215XUTeardrop step beams108"L x 4.25"H, 1.625" step16$34
RTXBS09605015XUTeardrop adjustable step beams96"L x 5"H, 1.625" step56$35
RTXBS09605615XUTeardrop adjustable step beams96"L x 5.75"H, 1.625" step52$45
RTDBC14375000XUTeardrop C-channel beam143.875"L x 5"H, no step45$55
RTDBS05002415XUTeardrop step beams50"L x 2.5"H, 1.625 step43$23
RTDBH12004015XUTeardrop step beams reverse welded120"L x 4"H, 1.625" step38Call -
RTXBS09506015XUTeardrop adjustable step beams95"L x 6"H, 1.625 step40$44
RINBF09605015XUTeardrop C-channel beams with weld down96"L x 5"H, 1.625" step28Call
RTDBC14405000XUTeardrop C-channel beams144"L x 5"H, no step28$58.55
RTDBS09603415XUTeardrop step beams96"L x 3.5"H, 1.625" step27Call
RTDBB09603000XUTeardrop box beams96"L x 3"H, no step26Call
RTDBC04803000XUTeardrop C-channel beams48"L x 3"H, no step22$22
RTDBO12003015XUTeardrop open step beams120"L x 3"H, 1.625" step21$44.25
RTXBG09573000XUAdjustable C-channel beams reverse welded95.875"L x 3"H, no step18Call
RTDBS10804615XVTeardrop step beams108"L x 4.75"H, 1.625" step, beam heights vary15$48
RTXBS09604015XUTeardrop adjustable step beam96"L x 4"H, 1.625" step14$39

Pallet Racking Upright Frames

Part number Upright type Size Qty. Price as
low as
RTDFN3621633XUTeardrop upright frame36"D x 216"H, 3" x 3" column182$150
RTDFN4209633XUTeardrop standard frame42"D x 96"H, 3" x 3" column54$75
RTDFN4218013XUTeardrop standard frame42"D x 180"H, 1.625" x 3" column105$140
RTDFN4222213XUTeardrop standard frame42"D x 222"H, 1.625" x 3" column75$150
RTDFC3626433XFTeardrop cant leg frame36"D x 264"H, 3" x 3" column79$125
RTDFN4819213XUTeardrop standard upright frame48"D x 192"H, 1.625" x 3" column10Call
RTDFD3621633XUTeardrop double posted frame36"D x 216"H, 3" x 3" column10$141
RTDFD4421833XUTeardrop double posted upright44"D x 218"H, 3" x 3" column6$182
RTDFA4419233XUTeardrop closed post frame44"D x 192"H, 3" x 3" column3$175

Pallet Racking Row Spacers

Don't forget the row spacers!

We have added over 4,000 row spacers to our in-stock inventory, all in different sizes and finishes. Ask your Sales Professional and he/she will be happy to help you find the size you need.

Pricing & availability subject to change without notice.