Wire Decking Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to many of our most frequently asked questions about wire decking for pallet rack systems. If you cannot find an answer to your question on this page, you can call us at (320) 485-4974 (direct sales line) or (800) 598-5532 or Email Us.

Top Questions About Wire Decking for Pallet Racking

Wire decking is a common product used to make storable rack shelves. It is made from a metal mesh designed to fit securely between the front and rear rack beams. It forms a foundation for placing inventory, most often non-palletized products, cases, and cartons, preventing items from falling through the rack.

Waterfall wire mesh decking gets its name from the waterfall-like overhang form created by the wire mesh over the edge of the support beams. This type of decking sits on top of the beams, and both box beams and step beams can accommodate it. A variation of the waterfall decking is an inside waterfall.

Pallet rack decking is the material placed on pallet shelves and rack load beams to support loads of different sizes and weights. Choices range from corrugated metal to perforated metal and from plywood to wire mesh.

Here's a great way to calculate the size of your wire decking needs:

  1. For beams LESS than 120 inches, use the 2-2-2 Rule: Divide by two, subtract two, then buy two.
  2. For beams GREATER than 120 inches, use the 3-2-3 Rule: Divide by three, subtract two. then buy three.

Decking provides a strong level surface between pallet rack beams to load palletized merchandise. This offers secure storage. Decking can also increase the versatility of your pallet racks, enabling you to store cartons and other small items.

In some situations, decking is very necessary and important. Wire decking provides a continuous shelf to store products, which allows you to store close and small items that are not palletized. Wire decks also allow both light and water to filter through, so in wet environments or when fire prevention sprinkler systems are important, wire decking is the way to go. Codes vary on this from area to area, so be sure to check your local building codes.