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Used Quik-Pik Carton Flow Rack

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Quikpik Carton Flow Rack Guide

Put simply, the main advantage of carton flow racking is that merchandise remains better organized and easier to find/pick. With carton flow racks, the products are automatically rotated on a first in first out basis. Merchandise is stocked in the back of the carton flow racking and moves toward the picking station in front on an inclined shelf with specially designed roller track. When a carton is removed from the picking station, the next carton in line moves to the front. Inventory is easier to monitor and control since products are fully visible at all times. Carton flow is a great system that always keeps items within reach. view entire article

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Quick-Pik Carton Flow Rack Shelf
Quick-Pik Carton Flow Roller Track   Quick-Pik Carton Flow Rack - back

The Quick-Pik carton flow racks listed below come complete with 4 shelves and 8 tracks per shelf (unless otherwise noted). Additional carton flow shelves, roller track, carton flow uprights and clips etc. are available upon request. In addition, we can recondition these Quick-Pik racks for an additional fee. Our carton flow reconditioning process includes verifying the structural integrity of the rack, wire-wheeling and repainting the frames if necessary and replacing any bad carton flow rollers or guides.

Description As Low As
Quik-pik Carton Flow Rack - 58.25"W x 90"D, 12" tilt tray in front call
Quik-pik Carton Flow Rack - 62.25"W x 60"D call
Quik-pik Carton Flow Rack - 70.25"W x 120"D call
Quik-pik Carton Flow Rack - 95.5"W x 120"D, 14" tilt tray in front, 6" straight tray in back call

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