What is a Cardboard Baler? A Buyer's Guide

Tips & Tricks - Buying a Cardboard Baler

Hydraulic Baling Press

Cardboard Balers are designed to compact empty boxes, paper, clothing or other bulk materials into manageable bundles that can be disposed of or recycled. You can reduce fire hazards and free up space by eliminating the clutter.

Cardboard balers can typically be found in back-room or waste-disposal areas where several boxes or other items need to be disposed of or recycled in as efficient a manner as possible. It's also common practice to bale T-shirts, jeans and other fabrics together for shipment to recycling or donation facilities.

New & Used Cardboard Balers

We carry both new and used cardboard balers. See our used Baler page to view used balers. See below to view new balers.

Baling Press: This baler is the toughest and most reliable vertical downstroke baler on the market today. It can apply over 67,000 pounds of compaction force to crush even the most stubborn of cardboard into bales weighing up to 1,100 pounds.

Low Profile Cardboard Baler: This space-saving hydraulic downstroke baler is engineered to produce dense mill-sized bales, despite the fact that it operates under an 8 foot ceiling and requires significantly less floor space than conventional downstroke balers.

Mini Baler: This model's low height and small space requirements make it possible to locate it virtually anywhere in your facility where you want to reduce labor and save space.

Portable Baler: This low profile space saver hydraulic baler is engineered with the same safety and operating features of our larger balers. Double safety interlocks, including both an electromechanical limit switch and a photocell system, along with elimination of all shear and pinch points make this an extremely safe and efficient baler.

Model B5W (wide): This unit has been designed for users with smaller amounts of waste, but who still need a baler that can handle bulky materials.

Model X10 (low profile): The X10 is great for small retail shops, industrial outfits or others, who require a compact baler with high capacity. Its compact design makes it perfect for areas where overhead space is limited.

Model B6030 (full size): The B6030 is a full-sized flexible baling press and can be used for waste handling in large retail shops or any other industrial complex where there is a need to create full-sized bales of just about any material.

Hydraulic Baling Press