Galvanized Wire Decking, Powder Coated Wire Decking and Painted Wire Decking - What is the Difference?

Wire Deck

Choosing the best coating to protect your wire decking will ensure that the decks last. But what is the best protective coating to choose? Galvanized, powder coated or painted?

The primary difference between galvanized, powder coated and painted wire decking is the type of coating added to the surface of the deck and the process used to apply the coating. Certain types of protective coating are more suited to some environments and situations than others. There are different levels of durability, color options and temperature and moisture resistability that can make one choice a definite advantage over another.

Choosing the best option for your environment and budget will help prolong the life of the decking and ensure a longer lasting solution.

A Few of the Main Things to Consider When Choosing Wire Decking Coatings:

  • What environment will they be used in? Inside or outside, cold or hot, wet or dry?
  • Do you require a specific color?
  • Is sanitation or cleaning a priority? Are you required to meet any health requirement standards?
  • Do you require low maintenance or are occasional touch ups okay?
  • Is rust or corrosion an issue?
  • What is your budget?

Galvanized Wire Decking

Galvanized wire decks are hot dipped in zinc to coat and protect from rust and other corrosion. The zinc coating protects against the elements, temperature and moisture, as well as provides a sanitary and cleanable surface. For decking used or stored outdoors, galvanized wire decking would be the proper choice for surface protection. Wire decking that needs to be cleaned or sanitized regularly to meet laws and health standards, such as food or health environments, is also best protected with galvanizing. Galvanizing is also the option with the least maintainence required.

Powder Coated Wire Decking

Powder coated wire decking features a tough powder coat finish that is strong, long lasting and resists chipping and fading. The coating doesn't hinder the flexibility of the decking and can endure vibration without cracking. It offers a high level of durability while maintaining its color and gloss and is a more environmentally friendly option than paint. There is also more flexibility in colors and textures. Powder coated wire decking is well suited for indoor use, but can be used outdoors as well. Although not quite as durable as galvanized wire deck, its finish is much more durable than painted wire decking. It also doesn't offer the same cleaning and sanitation capabilities as galvanized decking.

Painted Wire Decking

Painted wire decks are the least expensive option and are protected as the name implies, with paint. Choosing paint would be important if a specific color is required. However, they tend to scratch, chip or peel over time which affects the appearance of the wire decks and increases friction to items that are placed on them, possibly causing damage. They tend to require the most maintenance with touch ups.