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SJF Material Handling Inc. is the nation's largest stocking distributor of new & used warehouse shelving and industrial storage systems. We carry several types of heavy duty shelving systems to fit a wide array of storage needs for your home, business or warehouse.

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Steel Shelving

Steel Shelving uses posts and shelves with clips to hold the shelves to the posts. Fully assembled, this is a very strong and adjustable option in industrial shelving systems.

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Here is a sampling of different new and used industrial shelving systems, steel shelving units, welded steel and wire shelving brands that SJF carries. Our products range from heavy duty shelving If you are in need of a different brand, please call our sales professionals, as we often carry other brands or can find them for you.

  • SJF Material Handling
  • Akro-Mils Shelving
  • Burroughs Shelving
  • Deluxe Shelving
  • Edsal Shelving
  • Equipto Shelving
  • Gillis Shelving
  • Hallowell Shelving
  • Inter Royal Shelving
  • Lyon Shelving
  • Meco Shelving
  • META Storage Solutions Shelving
  • Metro Shelving
  • Nexel Shelving
  • Penco Shelving
  • Plasteel Shelving
  • Quantum Shelving
  • Republic Shelving
  • RiveTier Shelving
  • Safco Shelving
  • Spaceguard Shelving
  • Speedrack Shelving
  • Stackbin Shelving
  • Sturdi-Bilt Shelving
  • Tennsco Shelving
  • Tri-Boro Shelving
  • Unarco Shelving
  • Unex Shelving
  • Unirak Shelving
  • Western Pacific Shelving
  • WireCrafters Shelving