What is Pallet Flow Racking?

Pallet Flow Rack Photo

Pallet flow rack incorporates a rack structure with roller tracks that form a gravity flow lane. The tracks are set with a decline pitch which allows pallets to move by gravity from the in feed side (rear) to the pick side (front).

Dynamic brakes are installed within the track system to control the speed and assist in tracking of the pallets for safe handling. Lane capacity can be from two to 20 or more pallets deep, limited by building space and maximizing storage density. Pallet flow provides FIFO (First In, First Out) inventory control and is preferred for products requiring stock rotation of time sensitive or perishable goods.

Every pallet facing on each level can be a different SKU, offering accessibility to each product. Pallet flow can be utilized to handle pallet loads or in high volume case pick operations to minimize restocking efforts.