What is a Sortation Conveyor System? A Buyer's Guide

Sortation Conveyor Systems Guide

Sample Sortation System

Sortation systems complete with scanners, controls etc., often cost more than the average company can afford to spend. At SJF, we believe that you don't need to invest a small fortune to incorporate one of these sorter systems into your operation. We specialize in previously-owned sortation systems that will do everything the new systems will do for you and more. You'll have peace of mind knowing that we can provide you with everything from design, layout, programming and installation from one single source.

SJF has successfully put several systems into operation for customers just like you. They are all currently sorting products at a fraction of the cost than a new system would have set them back. Take a look at the different types of sortation conveyor systems we can provide.

In the example shown to the right, the packages enter the sorter via the inbound traffic lanes where they merge with the recirculating packages. They will pass through the Gap Metering Belt which creates an equal distance between each package before arriving at the weigh station. In this system, based on the weight of the package, the scale will send a signal to the sorter to divert the package to the appropriate sort lane. Packages not identified will be sent to the recirculation line for a second attempt.

Several types of Sortation Conveyors are available for different applications. Below are some sample images and information on the different types of sorters. If you have any questions about the best conveyor solution for your operation, please contact an SJF sales professional at (320) 485-4974 (direct sales line) or (800) 598-5532. Sortation conveyor systems are large and very complicated systems and should only be installed by professional installers that are knowledgeable in conveyor and the tips & tricks of the trade.

Modsort Sortation Conveyor Video CLICK TO CHAT GET A QUOTE

The Modsort is a mid-rate sorter capable of sorting up to 30 cartons/minute. 24v technology allows easy modification, addition, or moving of divert locations. The all-belt design allows efficient sortation of polybags, boxes, and totes. This makes it an ideal fit for many growing e-commerce facilities. For more information on sortation conveyor systems or other warehouse conveyor, contact Sam Sterner at SJF at (320) 485-4970 or email him at samsternkaodiber@sjf.com.

Types of Sortation Conveyor Systems

Cross Belt Sortation System
Cross Belt Sortation

Cross Belt Sortation Systems

Advantages of Cross-Belt Sorters include quietness, ability to have sort points close together, sorting to the right or left and versatile layouts such as straight, "L" or oval paths with inclines and declines.

Tilt Tray Sortation Systems
Tilt Tray Sortation

Tilt Tray Sortation Systems

Tilt Tray Sorters use trays that are connected in a chain and tip to both sides, dumping packages into chutes or sides. The advantages to using this type of system is low noise levels and the ability to sort small, flat or delicate items. This is a common type of sorter for the publishing industry.

Tilt Slat Sortation System
Tilt Slat Sortation

Tilt Slat Sortation Systems

A Tilt Slat Sorter's conveying surface is made up of slats that can be tilted to the right or left. Packages travel in close proximity and only the slats under them will be activated to tilt.

Pop-up Belt/Chain Sortation Systems
Pop-up Belt/Chain Sortation

Pop-up Belt/Chain Sortation Systems

Pop-up Belt/Chain Sorters use pop-up sorters to sort boxes or containers to either side of a main conveyor line. They work by pulling heavy packages onto angled spurs at high speeds. The belt or chain used is matched to the package being handled, for example heavy wooden items may use a chain while lighter cardboard boxes would use a rubber belt.

Sliding Shoe Sortation Systems
Sliding Shoe Sortation

Sliding Shoe Sortation Systems

Sliding Shoe Sorters are one of the fastest continuous sorters. A row of sliding shoes travels across the sorter path smoothly, easing containers onto takeaway spurs. Typically, this is used in conjunction with photo eyes that either push the package onto an alternate lane or allow the package to continue down the main conveyor line to the correct lane.

Pusher/Diverter Sortation System
Pusher/Diverter Sortation

Pusher/Diverter Sortation Systems

Pusher/Diverter Sorters have spur or sort points located very close together and handle heavy products. They are slow to medium speed because the diverter mechanism must return across the belt before intercepting the next package.

Pop-up Roller Sortation System
Pop-up Roller Sortation

Pop-up Roller Sortation System

A Pop-up Roller Sorter is driven by its own motor at a higher speed than the main-line conveyor. In sorting, the roller grabs the leading edge of the container and leads it off onto a spur.

Swivel Wheel/Roller Sortation System
Swivel Wheel/Roller Sortation

Swivel Wheel/Roller Sortation System

This Swivel Wheel/Roller Sorter diverter can work with belt or roller conveyors to drive packages off to the right or left using a roller that will swivel in place to either allow the package to pass or be diverted. Divert points can be as close as three-foot center. Main-line belt conveyors are typically less noisy than most roller types.

Mobile Print & Apply Receiving SystemCLICK TO CHAT GET A QUOTE

Designed to apply warehouse stock labels to inbound cartons, this print and apply system is also mobile. A custom designed base with casters and the ability to integrate into existing flexible unloading conveyor allows this print and apply system to be moved door-to-door, or out of the way when not in use. For more information, contact Sam Sterner at SJF at (320) 485-4970 or email him at samsternkaodiber@sjf.com.

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