What is Renewed Conveyor? A Buyer's Guide

Renewed Conveyor - A SJF exclusive! Works Like New - Priced Like Used!

renewed conveyor, galvanized conveyor, gravity conveyor

Several thousand feet currently "in stock" and available to "quick ship" nationwide.

Renewed conveyor is currently the hottest selling gravity roller conveyor in SJF's conveyor product line. Renewed gravity roller conveyors™ utilize refurbished pre-owned rollers inserted into heavy duty, fully refurbished conveyor frames. Renewed conveyors have the look and functionality of new gravity roller conveyors at a price that is substantially less.

Best yet - SJF now stocks thousands of feet of renewed conveyors in a wide variety of the most popular sizes. Ready to quick ship to you within days not weeks, renewed gravity roller conveyor provides you the conveyor you need when you need it.

For inquiries regarding "volume discounts" available on renewed gravity conveyors, call SJF at (320) 485-4974 (direct sales line) or (800) 598-5532 or Email Us.

Features & Benefits

conveyor frames, galvanized frame, gravity conveyor frame, drop-in rollers

Frames & Stands

Water and rust resistant, our frames are constructed from pre-owned conveyor frames. They are cleaned & repainted as necessary to create a quality product. All frames are punched to allow for either 3", 4.5", or 6" roller centers.

Quick-Change Design

We've designed these frames to be as friendly as possible with an "easy-in, easy-out" quick change drop-in roller design. These frames can be reconfigured quickly without the need for any tools.

Universal Conveyor Stands

conveyor stands, adjustable conveyor stand, galvanized conveyor We've also designed a universal conveyor stand that is fully adjustable (both width & lengthwise) and is compatible with almost all conveyor makes and models. Stands can ship either Assembled for quick implementation or 'Knocked-Down' to save on freight costs. All hardware ships with the stands and assembly or adjustment is easy using only a common adjustable wrench.

Renewed Rollers

pre-owned conveyor rollers, galvanized conveyor, renewed gravity conveyor rollers Using SJF's proprietary renewal procedure, we send pre-owned rollers through our complete four-stage process to become certified SJF renewed material.

The Result

conveyor rollers, galvanized conveyor, gravity conveyor rollers, drop-in rollers The result speaks for itself. Renewed rollers look, feel and work like new, but at a fraction of the cost.

These renewed rollers are at the heart of our company philosophy - giving new life to pre-owned equipment.

Call, email or request a quote and try it out for yourself.

Thousands of Feet In-Stock!

renewed conveyor, conveyor in-stock We currently have thousands of feet of renewed conveyor in-stock in our inventory. Typical sizes we keep on-hand include 18"W, 24"W, 30"W and 36"W models. All are available with roller centers of 3", 4.5" and 6", however due to the popularity of this item, our inventory changes frequently. Custom sizes and quantity discounts are available.

All Renewed Conveyor comes covered by SJF's 14 Day 'Free Replacement' Warranty. Call your SJF Representative for more details at (320) 485-4974 (direct sales line) or (800) 598-5532 or Email Us.

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