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A Buyer's Guide to New & Used Conveyors

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Conveyors and conveyor systems are used to move products and materials along the supply chain from one location to another. Conveyors and conveyor systems are commonplace in North American warehouses, including manufacturing assembly lines, production lines and shipping areas.

As an integral part of modern material handling, industrial conveyor systems add both efficiency and safety. Where manual product transportation was time-consuming and hazardous to employees in the past, using today's conveyor systems allows for fast and safe material flow, saving time, money and keeping employees safer.

Heavy duty industrial conveyors used in conveyor automation include live rollers, belt driven live roller and zero pressure and offer flexible solutions for warehouse environments.

Conveyor systems operate using:

  • Gravity
  • Power
  • Or both gravity and powered conveyor in combination

They offer an unlimited amount of flexibility. Many types of conveyor are available in new or used condition and can be customized to the specific needs of each individual company. Available new gravity conveyor or power conveyor can be viewed in our online store. See our Gravity Conveyor Guide for more information on gravity conveyor or see our Powered Conveyor Guide for information on powered conveyors. For more information on sortation conveyors, see our Sortation Conveyor Guide.

Conveyor Manufacturer Brands

With over 3 miles of in-stock inventory of new and second-hand conveyor, SJF is a go-to source for some of the most popular brands of gravity and powered conveyor including:

  • Accuglide
  • Airsweep
  • Alvey
  • ACSI (Automated Conveyor Systems, Inc.)
  • ASI (Automatic Systems, Inc.)
  • Atlas
  • Automotion
  • BestFlex
  • Buschman
  • Dematic Conveyor Systems
  • Ermanco
  • Extendo
  • FKI
  • FMH
  • HK
  • Hytrol Conveyor
  • Interlake
  • Lewco Inc.
  • Litton
  • Mathews
  • Metzgar
  • Motion Corp
  • NestaFlex
  • Omni
  • Rapistan Dematic
  • Rapistan Demag
  • Roach
  • Siemans Dematic
  • Speedways
  • Stainless Kings
  • Stewart Glapat
  • TWG Ermanco
  • Unex
  • Versa Ferguson

Conveyor Experts

SJF Material Handling

SJF Material Handling has successfully built many conveyor systems, providing clients automated custom solutions that demonstrate the benefit of automation in today's warehouse management systems. SJF stocks over 3 miles of new, used and refurbished conveyors and conveyor systems. Our new and used conveyors are meticulously cared for and stored in modern indoor climate-controlled warehouses.

In business since 1979, SJF Material Handling has long been a "go-to" nationwide resource for all makes, models and sizes of gravity roller conveyor, powered rollers and belt conveyors, as well as sortation systems and other material handling and conveying systems. We stock everything from hard-to-find parts and accessories to complete warehouse execution systems with automated software and management systems.

Have a limited or tight budget right now? SJF's refurbished conveyors offer the features and functionality of new conveyor but is often priced 30-80% less! Refurbished conveyors also offers shorter lead times!

Whether you are in the market for new, used or refurbished steel or aluminum conveyors, give us a call. SJF's team of professional conveyor specialists will assist you with finding the items you need at a price you can afford.

Our goal is to make your conveyor purchasing experience a good one. SJF's conveyor specialists will cover everything you need to get the job done - from explaining the different automated material handling systems available to providing engineering and control systems support. They will even make arrangements to install and test run the conveyor to provide you a true turn-key conveyor solution for your business.

From adding a few pieces of conveyor to an existing set up or designing a brand new working system, we can help. Contact us at (320) 485-4974 (direct sales line) or (800) 598-5532. If you're interested in a complete warehouse consultation or evaluation, please visit our Warehouse Consultation page to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions about Used Conveyor Systems

There are many different styles of conveyor to choose from. The first question you need to ask yourself would be if you want a gravity or powered conveyor solution.

Gravity conveyor consists of either roller or skatewheel types. Powered conveyor options are more complicated because of the vast variety of options. Some examples of powered conveyor include accumulation conveyor, belt conveyor, lineshaft conveyor, sliderbed conveyor, telescoping conveyors and trash conveyor.

Powered conveyor systems are usually either belt driven, belt over roller driven or chain driven.

Roller conveyors are a form of conveyor that uses gravity or manual pushes instead of electrical power sources to move objects from one place to another. Using rotating rollers that are spaced evenly apart, loads or objects can be moved down the line with a simple push or by letting gravity do the work. Both gravity roller conveyor and skatewheel conveyor are examples of roller conveyors.

The rollers on gravity conveyor are the only part of the gravity conveyor system that actually moves. The rollers (or wheels) rotate when an object is swept over them, causing more rollers (or wheels) to rotate when they come in contact with the moving object. After the load has finished passing over each roller, the rollers stop rotating and won't begin to spin again until the next load comes along.

A gravity roller is a long cylinder shaped roller that spans across the entire width of the conveyor section. Several rollers with the same diameter are placed next to each other at even intervals so the load smoothly slides over the surface of the conveyor.

A wheel conveyor consists of several small skatewheels evenly mounted on shafts across the width of the conveyor frame. This is also known as skatewheel conveyor and is often used for moving lighter weight objects with smooth bottoms.