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A sideloader forklift makes a great choice for particularly narrow aisle picking of wide or long loads. The side-loader forklift is ideally suited for handling long bulky items in narrow aisles with high stacking capacity. Sideloaders are unique in that they feature forks that are mounted perpendicular to the direction that the forklift travels. These side-mounted forks are pivotal for picking and stocking long product in narrow aisles. Sideloader forklifts can lift to a max height of 30 feet with capacities of up to 10,000 pounds. Sideloaders are particularly good for handling tubing, pipes, bar stock, plywood sheets and other long goods in an efficient and safe manner. Generally, there are two main types of side-loaders. A sit-down model (shown) with an enclosed cab would typically be used for outdoor applications, while a stand-up sideloader would be more useful in an indoor setting.

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Raymond 4 Directional Side loader Forklift - Tag 50
Raymond 4 Directional Side loader Forklift - Tag 50   Raymond 4 Directional Side loader Forklift - Tag 50

Raymond 4-Directional Side Loader Forklift

  • 1984 Raymond 4 Directional
  • Model: 41-4DR40TT
  • Reference Number: Tag 50
  • Lowered Height: 96"
  • Raised Height: 181"
  • Capacity: 4,000 lbs.
  • Fuel/Volts: 24 volts
  • SOLD

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