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Three Wheel Forklifts

Three Wheel Forklift Infographic

Three Wheel Forklift Guide

Three wheel forklifts are typically electric and counterbalanced with a triangular wheel base. These forklifts have three wheels - two in front and one center wheel in the rear. view entire article

Three Wheel Forklifts

These three wheel forklifts will be inspected upon purchase to determine that they are in good working order. Photos are available for most of these forklifts, please call SJF. All of the three wheel forklifts listed below are guaranteed to work when you purchase them. For more information on these three wheel forklifts, please call an SJF sales representative at 800-598-5532, or email us at .

TAG#80 Clark 2500 84 TM15S n/a 77/170" 24V SOLD
TAG#82 Clark 3000 72 TW30B n/a 76/171" 36V $2,500
TAG#93 Clark 2500 99 TMG 15 S Side Shift 83/188" 36V SOLD

Pricing & availability subject to change without notice.

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