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Straddle trucks are fitted with arms that extend outward underneath the forks in order to support a load. These straddle arms have wheels that function as the load wheels while the rear wheel will swivel in place to facilitate turning the straddle truck. This type of forklift requires room for the straddle arms at the base of the racking you are using. This clearance must be provided for the straddle truck to be able to lift a load. The arm clearance can be provided by a number of means including, a low level beam to keep bottom loads off floor, single wing pallets, or other spacer options that would keep the floor clear for the straddle arms. Straddle trucks are typically less expensive than a regular counterbalance or narrow aisle lift truck.

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Crown Scissors Reach Fork Truck
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Crown Forklift

This Scissors Reach forklift is in excellent condition and comes with charger and sideshifter attachment.

  • 2009 Crown Scissor Reach Truck
  • Model: RR5225-45
  • Reference Number: Tag 124
  • Lowered Height: 107"
  • Raised Height: 240"
  • Capacity: 4,500 lbs.
  • Fuel/Volts: 36 volts
  • Was $11,500.00 each
  • SOLD

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