What are Pallet Rack Accessories?

Pallet Rack Accessories Guide

Pallet Rack Accessories

Wire Mesh Decking
Wire Mesh Decking

Wire Deck

Wire shelf decking is a handy solution for improving both safety and visibility in your pallet storage system.

While not specifically designed for point loading, wire decking can support up to 2,500 lbs. of an evenly distributed load - however, most loads should still typically be supported by the front and rear pallet rack beams.

Wire shelving comes in several different configurations, with the two most common being universal/flared and step style.


The main difference between a universal style wire deck and a step style wire deck is the support channels under the wire grid of the deck or shelf. With a universal style, the channel is flared out, allowing it to fit almost any style of pallet rack beam - box or step style. The step style wire mesh decks can only fit on a step style beam.

Wire decking provides a safe deck material that meets all OSHA standards. Many cities and municipal areas require that rack decking be permeable by water or fire suppressants from overhead sprinkler systems. Wire decks allow water to drip through to the lower levels of racking while still keeping persons below safe from falling objects.

Pallet Supports

Pallet Support
Pallet Support

Pallet supports are aptly named as they provide support to the underside of pallets. Typically, each pallet should have two pallet supports, however the load still must rest on both front and rear beams. Pallet supports should be ordered in the same depth as a pallet rack upright.

There are four common types of pallet supports:

1: Standard - This rests in and overhangs the beam steps and there is no beam overhang

2: Roll-Formed - These only rest in the beam steps and there is no beam overhang

3: Structural - These also only rest in the beam steps with no overhang - often, however they bolt into each beam to provide rigidity to the entire rack structure

4: Slotted - These must be used with slotted beams as they "clip" into slots along the beams for better stability.

Column Guards
Post Protectors

Column Guards/Post Protectors

Utilizing a column protector or post protector is a great way to protect your storage system investment from errant forklift drivers or other warehouse mishaps. These protectors can either be separate from the rack post entirely (as the one shown here) or they can bolt directly to the upright's column. Either way, using a column protector or post protector to protect pallet rack uprights is a very cheap insurance policy against the massive damage to your storage systems and row spacers that can result from forklift damage.

Back-to-Back & Back-to-Wall Ties and Row Spacers

Row Ties & Wall Ties
Wall Tie (left) & Row Tie (right)
Row Spacers

Another common rack accessory that many desire are back-to-back or back-to-wall ties and row spacers.

These wall and row spacers connect to and rigidly hold racks at set spacing from either walls or other rows of pallet racks. These spacers are used at the top and bottom of each upright in a row of racking. Typically, these ties are recommended when the upright height is more than six times the depth, however if you're at all worried about stability, these may be a good option to consider.

Safety Panels & Rack Safety Netting
Safety Panels

Safety Panels & Straps

Falling loads are a real hazard in every material handling warehouse. Safety panels, rack safety netting or safety straps are engineered to prevent damage and injury from falling loads by creating a sturdy barrier between stocked items and the ground.

Wire mesh panels, rack safety netting and safety straps are designed to prevent raw materials and other storage items from falling off a wide array of material handling storage rack. They can also be used to create a layer of security in high-traffic areas.

Other Popular Pallet Rack Accessories

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Other Pallet Rack Accessories

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