New & Used Lineshaft Conveyor Systems

Lineshaft Conveyors basic design utilizes live rollers that are driven by a urethane belt from a drive shaft under the roller bed that runs the length of the conveyor. This belt driven driveshaft is turned by a motor and transmits its rotation via small urethane belts to individual rollers, making it an excellent choice for both transporting and accumulating products on a production line.

Used Products For Sale

Used Automotion Lineshaft Power Conveyor

Used Automotion Lineshaft Power Conveyor

This Automotion brand lineshaft power conveyor has new bands and reaches 73 feet in length.

Used Lineshaft Motorized Driven Roller Conveyor Systems

Used Lineshaft Motorized Driven Roller Conveyor Systems

This lineshaft belt driven live roller conveyor was removed from a distribution center's production lines that SJF Material Handling had originally designed and installed. All of these conveyors are clean and in good working order.

Used Lineshaft Powered Belt Conveyors

Used Lineshaft Powered Belt Conveyors

This lineshaft conveyor shown here was purchased in good running condition and is currently in-stock and stored indoors at SJF's main warehousing facility in Winsted, Minnesota.

Used Lineshaft Conveyor for Sale

Used Lineshaft Conveyor for Sale

These intermediate lineshaft conveyors and drives are available at SJF Material Handling, as well as many others.

This 2.5 inch diameter roller drive shaft lineshaft conveyor has 120 foot runs with 2.5 inch rollers on 3 inch centers.

Lineshaft Conveyor - Used or Refurbished

This 2.5 inch diameter roller drive shafter lineshaft conveyor has 120 foot runs.


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We offer many different sizes and types of new lineshaft conveyor in our online store.

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Lineshaft Conveyor Infographic

What is Lineshaft Conveyor?

Of the Lineshaft conveyor components, the drive sections are the backbone and the straight and curved sections are the workhorses of a lineshaft live roller conveyor system. One drive section can drive up to 60 feet of conveyor on either side. Straight and curved sections are available in a variety of lengths to create a myriad of different conveyor runs. Lineshaft straight and curved sections must be 'slaved' to a drive unit in order to operate.

And since the rollers are individually powered, lineshaft conveyor can easily be used for accumulation operations where there is a minimum amount of back-pressure on the product being transported.

Lineshaft Conveyor Cross Section

Some configurations of lineshaft conveyor allow the conveyor to run both forward or backward, depending on the situation desired. Because there are fewer moving parts, today's lineshaft conveyor is typically quieter than most traditional belt conveyors.

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Lineshaft Conveyor Lift-Gate Video Example

This video demonstrates how using a lift gate can save employees time when moving from one side of a working conveyor assembly line to the other.

SJF carries several lift gates in stock for 18" - 36" conveyors. Prices start at $299.00 each. Call for details.

Stands and other conveyor components are available but not included. Please call for pricing.

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