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SJF’s Holiday Party – 2012

On Friday December 21st at noon,  SJF Material Handling shut down operations to celebrate the past year with a Holiday Luncheon for all employees.

Sam Sterner, SJF’s lead buyer, proved he can track down more than just equipment by spear-heading the food acquisition which was catered by Dicky’s BBQ Pit out of Eden Prairie, MN.   All employees were in attendance, including SJF’s  Founding Father,  Gerald (Jerry) Sterner.

After everybody enjoyed their BBQ, several awards were presented.  Here’s a recap.
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New Wire Deck Print and Go Worksheet

Hello blog readers!

We have just uploaded a new Print and Go Wire Deck Worksheet for our customers to use for getting a quote on Wire Mesh Decking.  This “Quick Sheet” gives some information about the styles, use and necessary measurements of Wire Mesh Decking for Pallet Racks.

The worksheet is available via our used wire deck page and can be filled out and submitted online OR by printing the form, filling it out and faxing or emailing it to us.  Please check it out – and let us know in the comments if you’d like us to develop quicksheets for any of our other product lines.

View the Print and Go Wire Deck Form

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A Christmas Poem for 2012

By Rhonda Remer.

Twas the month of December, I’ll soon leave my post,

So I got to thinking how I could help Sales the most.


Here’s a gentle reminder about whom to go to and when.

I penned this small poem hoping to help you again.


If your order is late, and you feel like crying,

Don’t ask Shawn or Mark, go to Joe Sr…or Brian.
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The Great SJF Chili Cook-Off (November 2012)

The SJF chili competition was a big success!  We had three entrants this time around.  Lori Foster brought a red chili made with mostly home-grown ingredients.  Vance Haugen entered a delicious red chili, and Craig Fasching brought another small pot of excellent red.  Kent Powell brought home-made corn bread to compliment all of the entries.  ‘Fixins were provided by SJF.


The Triumphant Winner

After all of the chili was tasted, the final vote count was as follows:

Vance Haugen: 9
Lori Foster: 4
Craig Fasching: 3

Making Vance the winner (…this time).

Congratulations Vance.

An Addendum: There were to be four entries in the contest this year, however one of the entries made it only as far as the front door of SJF.  A certain owner of the company (his first name rhymes with Tank) forgot about the tupperware bowl full of chili in his briefcase.  As he entered the building, briefcase in hand, he wondered aloud what smelled like chili before realizing that it was the entire contents of his bag.

New Video – Pallet Flow System

SJF has just uploaded a new video to our YouTube channel. (SJF’s YouTube Channel)

This video shows a test in our shop of a pallet flow rail system with brakes.  As the video starts, you can see two large containers moving down the roller tracks in a controlled descent.

View pallet flow racks currently available for sale on


SJF Road Crew – Large Liquidation in Indiana

Pallet Rack & Gravity Conveyor Liquidation

Gravity Conveyor

Gravity Conveyor

We recently just finished shipping to MN material from liquidation of a large distribution center in Indiana. In all, 15 trucks of material were shipped up to our facility in Winsted, MN from the Indianapolis area. We had to jump at this opportunity with how fast gravity conveyor has been leaving our facility lately. This was a perfect opportunity to bring up our inventory as this purchase brought in over 6,000ft of gravity in 24” and 30” widths. There is also a small quantity of pallet gravity conveyor. All in all, the totals of this most recent purchase ended up being:

Interlake Pallet Rack

Interlake Rack

5,470 ft – 30″ Gravity Conveyor
780 ft – 24″ Gravity Conveyor
1,400 ft – 9″ Pallet Gravity Conveyor

Gravity Conveyor Photos & Pricing

591 ea. – 36″ x 22′ Interlake Uprights
4,480 ea. – 108″ x 4″ New Style Beams

Interlake Rack Photos & Pricing

All of this material has been transported back to our Winsted, MN facility and is ready for immediate shipment to your location.

Guide > Wire Decking

Wire Mesh Decking Guide

Wire Mesh Decking

Wire Deck

What is wire decking?

Wire decking is a product that works in with pallet racks to provide support, safety and other benefits to warehouse racks. Wire decks are easy to install (they simply  drop  into place), and allow high visibility through all levels of pallet racking. In addition to providing protection from falling inventory, wire decking can improve air circulation and prevent dust build-up. Wire decks can also help increase overhead sprinkler effectiveness, and many local fire codes require them instead of particle board or plywood.

Wire Deck Options & Terminology

Support Channels

On the underside of each wire deck, support channels are welded to the bottom of the mesh surface. These channels give wire deck rigidity and load bearing capacity. Typically, wire decking uses three or four support channels and supports up to 2500 pounds. Step channels provide more strength than flanged channels, however each has their own advantages.

Wire Mesh Pattern

Most wire decks made in the past 20 years feature a 2″ x 4″, 2.5″ x 4″ or 2.5″ x 4.5″ grid pattern. Sometimes you may see higher density grids, but these are usually made for applications that required hand stacking or storing small materials.


The term waterfall is used to refer to the end(s) of deck that “hang” below the deck’s surface. Waterfalls provide additional protection to wire decks by making them more resistant to coming off of the pallet rack unexpectedly. The accepted industry standard for waterfall height is 1.5 inches. A shorter waterfall may be warranted where labels or bar codes are needed on the rack’s beam face. Waterfalls can also be turned up to provide a back stop on a pallet shelf. Front and rear waterfalls can even be mixed so that one is up and the opposite is down.

Flush Decks

Flush wire decks are useful for hand-stacking and order picking. The flush deck doesn’t have edges that could catch an  employee’s hands. With flush decks, the deck depth measurement refers to the outside dimensions of the rack beams. If your racking is 42″ deep (42″ from outside to outside of each beam level) you will still need a 42″ deep deck however the deck’s depth will only be 38.25″ deep – or approximately the depth of the inside of the steps of the beams.

Properly Loading Wire Decks

Please Note – Unless storing small or very light weight items on the pallet racking, wire deck is NOT meant to support loads directly. In other words, DO NOT point load wire decking. Pallets must be fully supported by the front and rear support beams.

Wire Deck Styles

Standard/Step Waterfall Wire Decks

Standard Step Waterfall Style Wire Deck Standard Step Waterfall Style Wire Deck - Front Standard Step Waterfall Style Wire Deck - Rear
Standard Step/Waterfall Wire Deck Step/Waterfall Wire Deck – Front Step/Waterfall Wire Deck – Rear
“Standard” or step style wire decks with a waterfall are made to sit in the steps of pallet rack beams. The support channels of this decking rest on the steps and the waterfall part wraps around the top of the beam.

Inverted Flange Wire Decks

Inverted Flange Style Wire Deck Inverted Flange Style Wire Deck - Front Inverted Flange Style Wire Deck - Rear
Inverted Flange Wire Deck Inverted Flange Wire Deck – Front Inverted Flange Wire Deck – Rear

Inverted flange wire decking is a very commonly stocked style. It’s useful because the flange at the end of the support channels allows these wire decks to fit on step or box style pallet rack beams. Another advantage of the inverted channels is that debris cannot accumulate inside of the support channel.

Flush Flat Wire Decks

Flush Flat Wire Deck Flush Flat Wire Deck - Front Flush Flat Wire Deck - Rear
Flush Flat Wire Deck Flush Flat Wire Deck – Front Flush Flat Wire Deck – Rear

Flush Flat wire decking is exactly what it sounds like. The surface of the decks rest flush with the tops of the rack beams. Flush flat decks have no waterfall and are well suited for your storage facility if nice clean look is needed.

Flush Waterfall Wire Decks

Flush Waterfall Style Wire Deck Flush Waterfall Style Wire Deck - Front Flush Waterfall Style Wire Deck - Rear
Flush Waterfall Wire Deck Flush Waterfall Wire Deck – Front Flush Waterfall Wire Deck – Rear
The only difference between the flush waterfall and flush flat style wire decking is that a flush waterfall deck has waterfalls that don’t hang over the top of the beams.  These waterfalls are unique in that they sit on the steps of the beams. Reasons to purchase this style are things like safer hand loading (no edges to catch) and higher edge capacity (decreases bowing.)

Steel Price Update – September 2012

US scrap prices to reflect little change in September

The US domestic scrap market has been extremely quiet ahead of the Labor Day holiday, but deals made early are pointing to a soft sideways trend.

Since the fourth quarter of last year, the Chinese steel market has remained sluggish due to weak global and domestic demand. In this context, China’s total crude steel output is expected to decline to 678.68 million mt in 2012, down 0.7 percent compared to 2011, indicating the first year-on-year decline in 31 years, according to the China Iron and Steel Association (CISA).

In 2011, China produced 695.5 million mt of crude steel, up 8.9 on year-on-year basis.
A number of Chinese steel producers have implemented cuts in their production. Meanwhile, some Chinese steel giants, such as Shanghai-based Baosteel and Hubei-based Wuhai Iron and Steel Co.(WISCO) have also suspended development projects amid poor steel market conditions.

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