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Featured Equipment: Pallet Flow Rail

Retrofit a static pallet rack system into a dynamic gravity fed system with pallet flow rail.  SJF currently has thousands of flow rails featuring both steel and poly wheel rollers in single and dual wheel configurations.  Brakes and End Stops are also available.

Find rail lengths from 90″ – 201″.  Many options available for all applications.

Call an SJF Sales Specialist [800-598-5532] for more information, current pricing and availability.

View Pallet Flow Rail Photos

Featured Equipment: 3M Case Sealers

These 3M Case Sealers were just purchased from a large distribution facility where they were in frequent use.  The machines are in excellent working order and are currently being liquidated at a price that’s 60% off new cost.


  • 4 ea. Available
  • Model: 700R
  • Type: 39600
  • Part Number: SEB0000169
  • Year: 2005
  • Power: 3.8 Amp/115 Volt
  • Self Adjusting Heads

Sale Price: $6000 ea.

Don’t miss this opportunity to acquire these professional model case sealers at a fantastic price.

As always – call an SJF sales professional [800-568-5532] to inquire about purchasing these units or other packaging equipment.

3M Case Sealers – View more photos and Details

SJF Road Crew: Large Rack Project on East Coast

This month saw the start of a large project for a customer of ours in Maryland.  This involves taking down two warehouses of rack, and installing new rack in one warehouse.  Crews showed up on site last week to start dismantle and install.  The first warehouse is coming down now, and we are pricing this material to move fast!  This warehouse consists of a large Hiline Drive In system with specs as follows:

  • 3 Deep x Floor+2 288pp                            $25/pp
  • 3 Deep Back to Back x Floor+2 540pp    $25/pp
  • 3 Deep x Foor+2 270pp                              $25/pp
  • 3 Deep Back to Back x Floor+2 540pp    $25/pp
  • 3 Deep Back to Back x Floor+2 504pp    $30/pp
  • 3 Deep x Floor+2 270pp                             $30/pp
  • 3 Deep x Floor+2 252pp                             $30/pp

The exact specs and pictures are all available, email or visit SJF’s Drive-in Rack Page for more photos/details.

There is also a large amount of Hiline selective rack available as well (at this time, please email for details).  All material is priced to move right away!

  • Upright 17’x42” 157 available $55ea
  • Upright 16’3”x42” 67 available $55ea
  • Upright 15’x42” 79 available $50ea
  • Upright 12’x42” 30 available $40ea
  • Beams 57”x3.5” 448 available $7ea
  • Beams 96”x3.5” 1,818 available $14ea
Hiline Selective Pallet Rack

Hiline Selective Pallet Rack

The last remaining warehouse is just up the road, and is loaded with prime sizes of like new Teardrop racking.  That warehouse will be coming down next month, after this listed material is down.  Keep checking back for more details on this rack project’s progress.


Featured Equipment: Extendo Conveyors

Check out these great prices on some extendo conveyors we currently have available for sale.  These units are priced Used As-Is for Immediate Sale! These are used, but fully operational extendos. Each unit was tested before removal to ensure they are in good running condition.

3 ea. – Rapistan Truck Loaders

75′ Extended / 25′ Contracted
40″ Overall Width, 18″ Wide Belt
Can be configured for either loading or unloading
As Low As: $15,595 ea. | Sale Price: $12,495 used as-is

1 ea. – Stewart Glapat Truck Loaders
58′ Extended / 18′ Contracted
50″ Overall Width, 24″ Wide Belt
Can be configured for either loading or unloading
As Low As: $14,495 ea.Sale Price: $12,995 used as-is

Check out more photos & details about these extendos.

Featured Equipment: Stacking Racks

500+ Stacking Racks | Just Arrived!

208 ea. – 114″ L x 42″ W by 34″ – 44″ H – $135 ea.

336 ea. – 54″ L x 42″ W by 32″ – 44″ H – $95 ea.

These racks are in great condition and are ready to be shipped out of our Winsted, MN facility today.  Call us for details [800-598-5532] or view more photos of stack racks here.

Stack Racks – View Photos and Details

SJF Road Crew: Busy Few Weeks at SJF

The end of April/beginning of May has been a busy time here at SJF.  The last month has brought in equipment from across the board, including conveyor, pallet rack, rack systems, and cantilever.  April started out with a string of local buys.  A large retail store closed multiple locations across the Minneapolis metro, and we were able to jump on some great condition conveyor.  This includes 8 Best Flex conveyors and 500ft of 18” Skate-wheel conveyor as well.

Best Flex conveyor

One of 8 recently acquired Best Flex conveyors.


Advance Push Back in-stock at Winsted, MN headquarters

We were very fortunate to have access to a variety of systems lately, and many came into our yard for stock.  Systems brought in this month include the following drive-in rack and push-back rack systems:

  • 3 Deep Back-to-back Ridg-U-Rak Drive In
  • 5 Deep Ridg-U-Rak Drive In
  • 3 Deep Structural Drive In
  • 3 Deep Interlake Push Back
  • 4 Deep Interlake Push Back
  • 3 Deep Advance Push Back
  • 6 Deep Advance Push Back

Needless to say, we are loaded with rack systems!  These are in great shape, and all are in stock now in Minnesota.
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SJF Announces Best Online Rack Price Guarantee

SJF Material Handling Inc. has announced the release of its “Best Price Guarantee” promotion on all pallet rack products purchased through the online store at (View the SJF online store at

In business since 1979, SJF is a premier stocking distributor of Meculux / Interlake, SJF Tear Drop and other popular brands of pallet storage racks & rack systems. A nationwide distributor of material handling products for over 30 years, SJF Material Handling is the Nation’s largest stocking distributor of new & used material handling equipment. SJF buys & sells Material Handling Equipment Nationwide.

SJF’s e-store provides shoppers with safe and secure online payment capability utilizing Verisign encryption for Visa, MasterCard and AmEx payment processing. With the addition of it’s low price pallet rack guarantee, the company’s goal is to provide shoppers with guaranteed best pricing without sacrificing the safety & security when buying products online.

View the Best Online Rack Prices.

3 Surefire Signs That Your Company Website Is Obsolete

A decade ago, I remember being told that the Internet was just a fad used by tech fans, kids and computer geeks. If you wanted a business to make money, my colleagues said, nothing would replace the traditional brick and mortar model anytime soon. In short, selling to and servicing clients online was trendy and cool, but phone calls, faxes and face-to-face business was where the money was.

Today, of course, a company without a website or an online presence is almost unheard of. Businesses today – large or small, service or product-oriented – all use the Internet to identify, reach, persuade and service both new and existing customers. You have no doubt jumped on the bandwagon yourself, but are you getting the most out of the technology?

Fifteen years ago, having a website at all, with maybe a contact form and some information about your products and services, was pretty impressive. You were on the cutting edge. Today, however, Web-savvy customers expect much more.
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