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Featured Equipment: Stacking Racks

500+ Stacking Racks | Just Arrived!

208 ea. – 114″ L x 42″ W by 34″ – 44″ H – $135 ea.

336 ea. – 54″ L x 42″ W by 32″ – 44″ H – $95 ea.

These racks are in great condition and are ready to be shipped out of our Winsted, MN facility today.  Call us for details [800-598-5532] or view more photos of stack racks here.

Stack Racks – View Photos and Details

SJF Road Crew: Busy Few Weeks at SJF

The end of April/beginning of May has been a busy time here at SJF.  The last month has brought in equipment from across the board, including conveyor, pallet rack, rack systems, and cantilever.  April started out with a string of local buys.  A large retail store closed multiple locations across the Minneapolis metro, and we were able to jump on some great condition conveyor.  This includes 8 Best Flex conveyors and 500ft of 18” Skate-wheel conveyor as well.

Best Flex conveyor

One of 8 recently acquired Best Flex conveyors.


Advance Push Back in-stock at Winsted, MN headquarters

We were very fortunate to have access to a variety of systems lately, and many came into our yard for stock.  Systems brought in this month include the following drive-in rack and push-back rack systems:

  • 3 Deep Back-to-back Ridg-U-Rak Drive In
  • 5 Deep Ridg-U-Rak Drive In
  • 3 Deep Structural Drive In
  • 3 Deep Interlake Push Back
  • 4 Deep Interlake Push Back
  • 3 Deep Advance Push Back
  • 6 Deep Advance Push Back

Needless to say, we are loaded with rack systems!  These are in great shape, and all are in stock now in Minnesota.
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SJF Announces Best Online Rack Price Guarantee

SJF Material Handling Inc. has announced the release of its “Best Price Guarantee” promotion on all pallet rack products purchased through the online store at (View the SJF online store at

In business since 1979, SJF is a premier stocking distributor of Meculux / Interlake, SJF Tear Drop and other popular brands of pallet storage racks & rack systems. A nationwide distributor of material handling products for over 30 years, SJF Material Handling is the Nation’s largest stocking distributor of new & used material handling equipment. SJF buys & sells Material Handling Equipment Nationwide.

SJF’s e-store provides shoppers with safe and secure online payment capability utilizing Verisign encryption for Visa, MasterCard and AmEx payment processing. With the addition of it’s low price pallet rack guarantee, the company’s goal is to provide shoppers with guaranteed best pricing without sacrificing the safety & security when buying products online.

View the Best Online Rack Prices.

3 Surefire Signs That Your Company Website Is Obsolete

A decade ago, I remember being told that the Internet was just a fad used by tech fans, kids and computer geeks. If you wanted a business to make money, my colleagues said, nothing would replace the traditional brick and mortar model anytime soon. In short, selling to and servicing clients online was trendy and cool, but phone calls, faxes and face-to-face business was where the money was.

Today, of course, a company without a website or an online presence is almost unheard of. Businesses today – large or small, service or product-oriented – all use the Internet to identify, reach, persuade and service both new and existing customers. You have no doubt jumped on the bandwagon yourself, but are you getting the most out of the technology?

Fifteen years ago, having a website at all, with maybe a contact form and some information about your products and services, was pretty impressive. You were on the cutting edge. Today, however, Web-savvy customers expect much more.
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Featured Equipment: Roll-Out Racks

SpaceSaver Steel Roll-out Racks
These racks are not only hard-to-find in used condition – but also hard to find used in this good of condition.  Similar to cantilever rack – these are used to store long bar or pipe stock.  These racks however, function quite differently.  To store or retrieve materials from the rack, an employee has to crank out a “drawer” on the unit that is then accessbile by crane from above. Each insividual “drawer” or “shelf” can be accessed independantly from the others, and offers very safe and secure storage.

4 ea. Currently Available

  • 4200#/Shelf Capacity
  • Each ‘shelf’ is 36″ deep
  • Cost When New: $14,000 ea.
  • Used, As-Is Price: $9,995 ea.

Roll-Out Racks – View Photos & Details

Steel Price Update

Two new updates for April –

Sideways US scrap pricing anticipated for March

After volatile price swings over the last four months, some US scrap buyers and sellers are anticipating sideways pricing in March.

With steady mill demand for scrap from February to March expected and without threat of weather disrupting scrap flows, market participants tell Steel Business Briefing scrap pricing is likely to remain flat in March compared to February.

US scrap lobby expresses concern over Russian restrictions

The American Scrap Coalition sent a letter to US Trade Representative Ron Kirk to bring attention to recently announced actions by the Russian government that will continue to inhibit the flow of steel scrap from the country.

“The purpose of this letter is to bring to your attention recent administrative measures by the Russian Federation that would restrict international trade in steel scrap,” the coalition wrote in a note reviewed by Steel Business Briefing. “These measures could deny the United States the benefits of commitments Russia has made in connection with its accession to the WTO.”

9 Tips to Cut Return Costs

Unfortunately, it happens from time to time. You inspect your newly acquired material handling equipment and find that it has been damaged, probably during shipping. It won’t do the job and it’s not worth what you paid for it. It will have to be returned.

Of course, this means a delay in getting your new material handling system up and running. It means fights with the supplier and the trucking company over who is responsible for the problem and who is going to pay to get the damaged shipment off your premises. In short, this is going to cost you time – and maybe money – that you don’t have to spare.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can reduce the chances of finding yourself in this situation, and reducing the time and money it will cost you if you do. Some of them are policies you can adopt in your organization. Some of them are things you can insist on from your supplier. Let’s start with you.

Customer policies

Inspect the merchandise carefully before you buy.

If you can’t go to the supplier’s location yourself, ask for photographs. Define an acceptable level of dents and scratches for used equipment, and decide whether or not there are any flaws that would compromise the performance of the equipment. Keep a record of the state of the equipment at the time of purchase, so that you can prove that any other damage took place after you signed the contract.

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Update to SJF Mobile Site

SJF Mobile Website UpdateSJF has recently updated their Mobile website.

These new additions include:

∙ Adding direct links into our online store
∙ Adding an additional guide on forklift trucks

This new guide can help users identify a forklift and the benefits and drawbacks of that type of lift truck directly from their mobile device.  The guide is linked from the ‘Resources & Guides’ section of the SJF mobile website – which can be accessed either by visiting on a mobile device.

Please feel free to share your opinions of and ideas for our mobile website in the comments section below.

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