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New Pallet Rack Purchases

Recently posted for sale on – available immediately.  FOB MN. (click pictures and links for sizes and prices)

T-Bolt Pallet Rack

T-Bolt Pallet Rack

Teardrop Pallet Rack

Teardrop Pallet Rack

Speedrack Pallet Rack

Speedrack Pallet Rack

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Steel, Copper Price Updates – 10/25/2011

Schnitzer: Scrap markets still active despite price decline

Steel BeamsWhile ferrous scrap markets have become “cautious” in recent weeks with prices falling, prices are still strong overall, believes Tamara Lundgren, ceo of US-based Schnitzer Steel Industries. She was speaking on a conference call yesterday to discuss the company’s quarterly results; the call was monitored by Steel Business Briefing.

“Our customers have a need for scrap but they are watching world events and keeping inventories low,” she said.


SDI execs see stable scrap market

Executives at minimill steelmaker Steel Dynamics Inc and scrap unit OmniSource say ferrous scrap will likely remain fairly stable this year, though they cautioned the scrap environment is still volatile and their outlook uncertain.

Speaking yesterday on a conference call to discuss third quarter results, Mark Millett, SDI president and coo, said he doesn’t anticipate any dramatic moves in scrap pricing unless there is an appreciable change in domestic steel mill utilization. The call was monitored by Steel Business Briefing.

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Safety Sensing Equipment

Safety Sensing Edges

Sensing Edges

SJF is proud to announce another new addition to our product family – Tapeswitch Sensing Products.

Tapeswitch is a leader in the safety sensing equipment field and provides a multitude of safety sensing products for all sorts of industrial applications including:

Pinch Protection, Obstruction Detection, Collision Sensing, Contact Sensing, Personnel Protection and much more…

These sensors can be used with conveyors, lift equipment, carousels, packaging equipment, or any other equipment that might present a safety hazard to employees.

Tapeswitch products not only include the sensing edge, but also incorporate a 4-wire fail safe controller. Here’s the principle behind the fail-safe system in each and every tapeswitch product:
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October’s Top 6 Picks – Equipment Bargains

Save Up To 85% on Featured Equipment
Direct from SJF’s Sales Specialists…

Don’t miss these “best-of-the-best” items hand-picked by SJF’s professional material handling equipment sales team. These guys are scouring our inventory on a daily basis to find those hidden jewels that they like to share with their best customers. Here we reveal their picks for the Best of the Best for October.

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Unarco T-Bolt Pallet Rack & Heavy Duty Hoppers…

Unarco T-Bolt Pallet Rack

Just In – Unarco T-Bolt Pallet Racking. Click to view photos of this equipment.

T-bolt Pallet Rack

Qty (ea.) Description Liquidation Price
31 Unarco T-Bolt Uprights – 10’H x 48″D $50.00
140 Unarco T-Bolt Uprights – 12’H x 42″D $55.00
789 Unarco T-Bolt Uprights – 14’H x 48″D $60.00
3822 Unarco T-Bolt Beams – 96″L x 4″H $14.50
30 Unarco T-Bolt Beams – 120″L x 4″H $18.00
724 Unarco T-Bolt Beams144″L x 4″H $22.50
160 Unarco T-Bolt Beams – 180″L x 4″H $35.00
20 Unarco T-Bolt Beams – 120″L x 6″H $28.00
15 Unarco T-Bolt Beams – 144″L x 6″H $32.50
251 Unarco T-Bolt Beams – 180″ x 6″H $50.00
1375 Waterfall Wire Decks – 42″ x 46″ $12.00
4125 Waterfall Wire Decks – 48″ x 46″ $12.00


Brand New 1 cu. yd. Hoppers –
Exclusive Online Sale Pricing

Heavy Duty HopperThese rugged, heavy duty welded steel hoppers solve your bulk handling problems and increase productivity – low cost means quick payback!

These dumping hoppers are designed for forklift handling, dump safely from any height and are precisely balanced to tip foreward for complete discharge of contents and return to an upright position.

Now On Sale
Buy Online: $626.50 (was 682.67 – you save: $56)
Click to View more photos & Information 


Pallet Flow Rail Now Available Online

Pallet Flow Rail

SJF has just added Pallet Flow rail to our online store.  This flow rail from 3D Storage systems is the perfect product if you’re looking to transform your static pallet racking into a more dynamic system.  Choose from either steel wheel pallet flow or poly wheel pallet flow rails in both single and dual staggered wheel configurations.

New Dock Levelers from Pentalift

Mechanical Dock Leveler

Mechanical Dock Leveler

SJF is happy to announce that we are now offering Pentalift Dock Levelers for sale in our online store. Established in 1983, Pentalift has grown to become one of the leading innovators in the dock equipment field in just 25 years.  With an intense focus on engineering a quality product, Pentalift is a continuing innovator in the field, and we’re glad to offer their dock levelers for sale online.

Choose from Mechanical or Electric/Hydraulic standard pit mounted dock levelers or for those who have no pit (or logistically cannot dig one) check out the edge-of dock models – also available in both mechanical and hydraulic models. [links below]

Mechanical Dock Levelers
Electric/Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Mechanical Edge-of-Dock Levelers
Hydraulic Edge-of-Dock Levelers

Steel Price Updates | 09/07/2011

Steel Beams

Baosteel predicts iron ore prices to stay high into 2012

Ma Guoqiang, president of Baoshan Iron & Steel – Baosteel Group’s listed arm – expects Chinese iron ore import prices to remain high for the fourth quarter of 2011 and throughout 2012.

Ma’s comment, contained in the company’s online communication with the shareholders on 31 August, reverses the prediction Baoshan Steel made in May that the global iron ore market would dip into oversupply this year.

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