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New VLM Animation

We have just completed a new animation demonstrating the operation of a VLM (Vertical Lift Module).  This animation shows how a VLM uses trays to store items of different sizes in an upright enclosed space, similar to a vertical carousel.

View the VLM animation on

US scrap market puzzles over price

A higher than expected jump in US scrap prices has some in the scrap market feeling skittish about volatile prices, Steel Business Briefing notes.

“The numbers have gotten out of control,” said one Midwestern US scrap buyer, while predicting the market would go up again in January. “There will be no way that mills can pass along that kind of a steel increase to their customers…therefore it will create a margin squeeze on the mills, which isn’t good for anyone.”

Courtesy: Steel Business Briefing

US Scrap Prices Heading back Up?

US scrap prices could head up next month by $20-30/long ton, followed by another similar price increase in January, market sources tell Steel Business Briefing. Shredded is currently selling for about $240- 255/l.t on the domestic market.

“We are hearing that a rise in the market is expected in December, and up more in January. We hope they are correct of course,” said one southern US scrap dealer, adding that he expects a $20-30/l.t increase each month.

Source: Steel Business Briefing

Korean government seeks more US scrap

The Korean government’s public procurement service (PPS) is aiming to buy its second parcel of 40,000 tonnes of US scrap for the country’s first steel scrap stockpile. This and the inaugural consignment are to arrive in Korea around mid-December.
Courtesy: Steel Business Briefing

Spot US scrap surcharges to fall $25 per short ton

Scrap surcharges used by Nucor and other American steelmakers to determine monthly steel transaction prices are heading down.

Due to a $25 per long ton decline in a benchmark shredded scrap price (from $260 to $235), surcharges on rebar, merchant bar, wide flange beams, light structural’s and plate will likely decline by $25 a short ton for December deliveries.

RMDAS September US scrap prices on the rise again

September US scrap prices for various grades have risen anywhere from $15-$24/long ton over the previous month, according to a ferrous scrap price index compiled by Pittsburgh-based Management Science Associates (MSA).

MSA’s RMDAS (Raw Material Data Aggregation Service) shows prices are up in all US regions, across the board, for prompt industrial composite, No 1 heavy melting (HMS) and shredded No 2 scrap.

Tokyo Steel returns from holidays slashing scrap prices

Tokyo Steel Manufacturing has decided to slash scrap buying prices for all grades at all works by ¥1,000/tonne ($11/t) effective from 25 September arrivals. Japan’s largest independent mini mill announced the cut to its buying prices on Thursday, the first day that Japan returned to work after a string of national holidays.

Prior to the start of the break last Saturday, mini mills had raised prices to ensure they had sufficient stocks when they increased production over the holidays.

Drive-In Storage Rack

This article from Material Handling Management Online describes some of the features and benefits of Ridg-U-Rak’s Drive in Rack Style.

Ridg-U-Rak’s drive-in storage rack systems store product on continuous rails. Lift trucks directly enter the rack structure to place and retrieve pallets.

Continue Reading the article at Material Handling Management Online.

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