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Top 5 Rookie Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make on Warehousing & Distribution

Starting any new business can be a daunting project, and setting up a new distribution center or warehouse where hundreds of different companies count on your efficiency can be downright overwhelming. As with any new business, you’re going to be purchasing equipment to outfit your operation and make it as efficient & profitable as possible. Many new entrepreneurs start this process from scratch and learn as they go. Today, you can’t afford to do on-the-job learning. You need to be on your “A-Game” from the start.

The following 5 tips (written by a 30 year industry professional) will help you avoid the most common pitfalls and mistakes that rookie entrepreneurs make that can bankrupt their business before it even gets off the ground.

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Top 5 Buying Secrets Industry Insiders Don’t Want You To Know

The material handling industry, as discussed in this article, represents a whopping 50-billion dollar/year business in the U.S. alone. Even so, very few people know everything necessary to make optimal buying decisions. Some people in the industry like it this way, but in this article, I’ll reveal some of the secrets these dealers don’t want you to know. I have been in this industry for over 30 years and I have learned many things that I think you, the customer, ought to know. Though I wont tell you what decision to make, I’ll give you the tools to make the right decision.

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Pallet Rack Conditions – What to Know Before You Buy

Fact: There are more pallet rack options available to you now than at any time in history.

Fact: There are very significant differences between New, Used & Refurbished pallet racking.

Fact: You think you know everything there is to know about each – but really, you don’t.

The fact is, what one dealer says can often conflict with what another dealer says. As with any industry, there are several ways of doing something, but there are only a few ways of doing it right. The following article will give you some insight into what the differences may be between not only new, used & refurbished racking, but also the differences between the offerings from dealer to dealer.

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Top 5 Things to Double-Check on a Pallet Rack Quote

So you’ve finally gathered the 3 competitive rack quotes that your boss requested a week ago. Now it’s time to sit down and give them a good looking over. While you may be tempted to simply look at the bottom line on each quote, you’ll want to first make sure you’re really getting the best price – not just the lowest.

5 of the most overlooked items on every pallet rack quote after the jump…
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Scrap Price Updates

Two updates to share today – both from Steel Business Briefing…

Turkish imported scrap prices keep soaring

Turkish imported scrap offer prices have already crossed $500/t levels but the transactions have slowed down this week, Steel Business Briefing learns from the market sources.

The latest confirmed deep sea cargo was a composite cargo of 16,000 tonnes of HMS 1&2 70:30, 8,000t HMS 1, 3,000t of rail scrap and 3,000 tonnes of P&S; it was sold at $498/t cfr from an EU supplier.

US scrap prices still rising; could hit $500 for shredded

US shredded scrap prices were about $460/long ton delivered mill last week, according to a recent survey, and will likely continue to climb, Steel Business Briefing understands.

That’s up about $50/l.t from the beginning of December, when prices were about $410/l.t.

SJF Partners with Ratepoint

EFFECTIVE 2/2/2012 – Ratepoint was acquired and is no longer in business.  SJF is still accepting reviews, but at our new partner site – Reseller Ratings. (view SJF’s profile here)

SJF Material Handling has recently partnered with to provide reviews and feedback on products and services offered on SJF’s website. Users of are invited to leave feedback for SJF using the “Feedback” or “Reviews” tabs located on all pages of the website.

If you have a moment, please provide us with a review on a product, service, or just the entire experience you had recently at! When you take the time to Write A Review, you are help thousands of customers make a more informed buying decision! If you’ve ever read a customer review, or made a purchasing decision based on the content of a review then you know how helpful they can be when deciding to place an order. Please take a moment and Write a review. You never know who you are helping in the process!

“Best Price Guarantee” on all online Pallet Rack purchases

SJF Material Handling Inc. in Winsted MN. has announced the release of its ”Best Price Guarantee” promotion on all pallet rack products now offered in it’s online store during the month of January 2011. View SJF online at In business since 1979, SJF is a premier stocking distributor of Meculux / Interlake pallet rack and tear drop style pallet and storage rack products & systems. SJF Material Handling carries the Nation’s largest inventory of new & used material handling products. A nationwide distributor of material handling products for over 30 years. SJF’s e-store provides online shoppers looking to purchase material handling equipment online with a safe and secure online payment capability utilizing Verisign encryption technologies for credit card payment processing with both Visa and Mastercard.

US scrap surcharges to decline

US scrap surcharges to decline, could impact November prices

A key US shredded scrap price that determines surcharges for a number of steel products, especially longs, has declined by $30 a long ton – from $370 to $340, Steel Business Briefing learns.

As SBB previously reported, the shredded scrap price was expected to decline by at least $20/l.t.

Source: Steel Business Briefing

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