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Guide > Carton Flow Rack Advanced

Advanced Guide to Carton Flow Racking

While this guide is meant to assist you in choosing your rack, it is still beneficial to consult with one of our professional solutions specialists. They have been working with this material every day for years and are aware of ALL the tips and tricks concerning carton flow racks. Please feel free to call us at 800-598-5532 to discuss your planned layout.

Carton Flow Racking

Carton Flow Rack

Carton Flow – Stocking in the Rear, Picking in the Front

Put simply, the main advantage of carton flow rack is that merchandise remains better organized and easier to find/pick. With carton flow rack, the product is automatically rotated on a first in first out basis. The concept is simple and effective. Merchandise is stocked in the rear of the carton flow rack and moves toward the picking station in front on an inclined shelf equipped with specially designed roller track. When a carton is removed from the picking station, the next one in line rolls to the front. Carton flow is a great system that always keeps items within reach. Inventory is easier to monitor and control since products are fully visible at all times.

Restocking and picking typically offer the greatest opportunity for improving efficiency. With carton flow rack systems labor savings of up to 75% can be realized almost immediately. Because items are picked from the front and stocked from the rear, both functions can be performed without interference and with minimized travel.

In a static storage system such as standard shelving, the stockers and pickers are often doing a lot of unnecessary work, leading to decreased productivity. Although the static storage systems may be less expensive in the short term, in the long run they can cost you more than they initially save, especially compared with a flow rack system.

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Guide > Cantilever Rack Advanced

Advanced Guide to Cantilever Rack

While this guide is meant to assist you in choosing your rack, it is still beneficial to consult with one of our professional solutions specialists. They have been working with this material every day for years and are aware of ALL the tips and tricks concerning cantilever racks. Please feel free to call us at 800-598-5532 to discuss your planned layout.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Rack System

Cantilever Rack, also known as furniture or pipe rack is a great solution for storage of long, bulky materials such as lumber and PVC or metal pipes. Furniture rack is a style of cantilever racking that can be decked to provide static storage similar to pallet racking, with the advantage that it provides easier storage and retrieval of bulky or oddly sized material than traditional pallet rack. Cantilever rack is a very efficient means of storing material. The storage density with cantilever rack can be very high if you plan out how you will use it efficiently, but generally cantilever rack’s flexibility makes it a very popular storage solution with near immediate return on investment.

Cantilever Rack Uprights

Like pallet rack, cantilever has specific components that work together to create larger bays and rows of storage. Uprights are the main structural components in any cantilever rack installation. Uprights work with bases (when referring to uprights below, we are speaking about complete upright/base combinations) to create the ‘backbone’ of the rack. Uprights are available in single, or double sided configurations – with the only difference between the two being that with double sided uprights, you can store material on both sides of the rack. Like pallet rack, there are many different makes and brands that do not all work together. You must match the same make arm and base to build a complete unit.

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Buy a Scale & Get a Clock, too!

Free Wall ClockWe recently received a batch of wall clicks from our scale supplier.  These are very nice looking clocks, and from what we can tell – they keep excellent time too!  Here’s your opportunity to get a great deal on a brand new counting scale while also getting a free wall clock.

During the month of September, all of our counting scales are on sale.  If you are one of the first 7 people to purchase a counting scale*, you’ll receive a free wall clock as well.

Don’t Wait! 
We only have 7 of these clocks to give away!

Choose from either our Economy Counting Scale or the High-Accuracy Counting Scale.

See scale and offer details Below.

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Conveyor Updates

SJF recently purchased some very nice gravity conveyor (roller conveyor and skatewheel conveyor).

This is all very nice, clean conveyor in excellent condition (as you can see by the pictures.)  Widths of 18″, 24″ and 28″ Available.  Check our used conveyor  pages for further details & additional photos.

Photos Below:

Equipment Wanted – Racks | Baskets | Yard Ramps

Paying Cash for Used Equipment SJF pays top dollar for quality used equipment.  If you have any other used equipment available for sale and want to tell us about it, visit our Equipment Wanted page.

If you have any of the equipment listed below available for sale, please contact the salesperson listed with the equipment.  Be sure to include as much detail and as many photos as possible.

Wanted – Paying cash for racks, wire baskets, yard ramps & more…

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Deutsche Bank analysts see bottom in steel prices

United States Steel X +0.22% shares rallied as much as 6%, leading percentage gainers on the S&P 500 Index SPX +0.83% — something they haven’t done in a long time. The primary catalyst was a research note from Deutsche Bank analysts, who are calling a bottom in steel prices and raising their recommendations on US Steel and AK Steel Holding Corp. AKS -0.12% to buy from hold.

Conveyor Gearboxes, Motors

We have just launched two new pages of equipment in the used pages of the website.  These two pages feature conveyor motors and conveyor gearboxes.  SJF has literally hundreds of each featuring 36 brands with many different horse power, voltage and RPM specifications.

Conveyor Motor and Gearbox Brands listed include:

Baldor, Bodine Electric, Boston, Boston Gear, Browning, Comtrac, David Brown, Dayton, Dodge, Dresser, Electra Gear, Emerson, General Electric, Grant, Grove Gear Flexaline, Hub City, Hytrol, Indiana General Motors, Leeson, Leroy Somer, Lincoln, LS Power Block, Magnetek, Marathon, Ohio, Perfection Gear, Power Block, Rapistan, Reliance, Seco, Sumitomo, Torqube, US Electric, US Motors, White, Winsmith

Check out the pages today.  If you have any questions or want photos, pricing or any other details on individual units, please give us a call at: 800-598-5532 OR 320-485-2824.

Conveyor Motors
Conveyor Gearboxes

Bodine Electric
Boston Gear
David Brown
Electra Gear
General Electric
Grove Gear Flexaline
Hub City
Indiana General Motors
Leroy Somer
LS Power Block
Perfection Gear
Power Block
US Electric
US Motors

Auction Buying Secrets – 7 Rookie Mistakes You Should Never Ever Make

So it’s your first auction and the place is full of people and excitement. The auctioneer is barking out bids, numbers and prices. People all around you are bidding on an item like it’s a long-lost childhood toy. You notice that some item you have just seen in the store sold for a fraction of the store price. A second item comes up and it goes for yet another great bargain. You think, “Wow, this seems like a pretty easy way to get things dirt cheap. Maybe I should bid and get in on the action. How hard can it be anyway…right?”


While great buys can be had at auctions, the opposite is also true. Getting stuck with something that isn’t what you thought it was can (and more often than not, does) happen. Below are some pro tips that you can use to avoid costly mistakes. Following the tips will save you a lot of grief and expense and give you the tools you need to bid like the pros.

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