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US mills file trade case against Chinese OCTG

In a widely anticipated move, antidumping and countervailing duty petitions against imports of Chinese OCTG have been filed with the US government. Seven US pipe producers and the United Steelworkers union (USW) filed the cases alleging that Chinese OCTG producers have been benefiting from enormous government subsidies – and that dumping margins range from 40% to 100%.

Source: Steel Business Briefing

New Shelving Clip Style Guide

SJF just published a shelving clip style guide for use by anybody needing to identify popular shelving clip styles.  The shelving clip guide makes a good compliment to our already widely used and very popular rack style guide. This guide features pictures of many major brands of shelf clips including Borroughs, Edsal, Lyon, Penco, Republic and many more.

Please take a look at this new handy reference and let us know what you think with a comment below.

Buy used equipment without being taken to the cleaners

SJF’s very own Stafford Sterner recently penned an article for Material Handling Management Magazine.  This article gives you 7 real-world, usable tips for purchasing used material handling equipment.

Click Here (opens in a new window) to read the article on SJF’s Article Repository, and leave a comment here if you enjoyed the article.  Let us know what you think.

Chinese scrap market maintains its slight rising trend

Over the past week, the Chinese scrap market saw a slight rising trend, with a further ascension expected in the coming period against the tight availability of scrap supply. However, the relatively soft performance lately observed in the finished steel market is likely to exert a significant impact on the scrap market

Source: SteelOrbis Shanghai  – For the latest in steel news & trends subscribe to SteelOrbis News at

US demand too weak to prop up steel prices against falling scrap

With US shredded scrap prices dropping by up to  $30/long ton this month, there is a very good chance that US rebar prices will fall right along with them.

Given the ongoing weak demand in the US rebar market, it is quite likely that this time, domestic mills may opt to  lower rebar prices in step with the decreases in scrap.

Meanwhile, Turkish mills are still pretty hungry for business and they are seeing falling scrap costs as well. However, if US prices do come down another notch as expected, Mexican rebar imports, along with imports from other sources, will most likely come down by at least as much in order to stay competitive with US material. Source: SteelOrbis  – – For the latest in steel news & trends subscribe to SteelOrbis News at

Interlake Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

NAPERVILLE, Ill.—Interlake Material Handling, a large long time  manufacturer of steel storage racks and a division of United Fixtures, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The news was reported by a  newspaper in Sumter, S.C. The newspaper quoted  a company manager who said the filing was a preemptive measure that would allow the company to restructure.

“This is not a liquidation,” Jones said. “The biggest advantage to us is that it allows us to restructure our debt. It will allow us to obtain working capital in order to continue our operations and put us in a better position to be acquired by another company.”

Although there is no word yet about a final deal, Interlake is reportedly in talks with a potential buyer. “We have a buyer with a very strong balance sheet,” said Jones. “The sale has not been finalized yet, however.”

Jones also said the bankruptcy will not lead to a closure of the Sumter plant and predicted a bright future for Interlake in Sumter, S.C.

“This is a very positive thing for us,” he says. “If bankruptcy can be seen in a positive light, this definitely is. And, while I can’t speak for the future, especially if the company is purchased, at this time, we have no plans for further reductions in personnel.”

Interlake Material Handling Bidding Procedures Approved for Assets

Yesterday, the bankruptcy court entered an order approving bidding procedures for substantially all of the assets of Interlake Material Handling, Inc. and its affiliates.  The court also approved the proposed break-up fee and expense reimbursement for the stalking horse bidders for the assets, Mecalux USA, Inc. and Mecalux Mexico S.A. de C.V., which would be paid in the event that those parties are not the winning bidders for the assets at the conclusion of the bidding process.

The order attaches the approved procedures for other parties to provide competing bids for the assets.  In the event that qualified competing bids are received, an auction is scheduled to be held on March 4, 2009 in Wilmington, Delaware.  Source: netDockets Corporate Restructuring and Bankruptcy Blog

World stainless production plummets 30%

World stainless steel production fell by almost 30% year-on-year in the final quarter of 2008, estimates analyst Macquarie Research Commodities. This is the biggest such quarterly drop since 1975, it adds, reflecting the severity of the global turndown and the “desperate measures” taken by stainless mills.

Factoring in this decline in activity, Macquarie estimates global stainless production at 26.4m tonnes in 2008. This is 6.6% down on its figure of 28.3m t for 2007, which in turn was 1.2% below the record 28.6m t in 2006 (slightly more than the International Stainless Steel Forum’s 28.4m t for that year).

Info provided courtesy SBB Steel Purchaser

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