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Top Lift Truck Manufacturers

I thought regular readers of this blog might enjoy this article.  MMH has recently performed a customer satisfaction survey of lift trucks.  They compiled the results into several categories such as overall satisfaction, product quality, value, etc.  The results were recently tabulated and briefly listed on their site.  The full report will be available in November.

New MHE Worldwide Market Report Released

Just  quick heads up –

The new world material handling equipment market report has been released and is now available.  The good news is that it’s predicting a growth in demand of 5% or more by 2012.

From the report:

The world market for material handling equipment and systems is projected to increase more than five percent per year through 2012 and exceed $120 billion (including price increases). Generally healthy economic conditions will support gains in global material handling demand, especially in rapidly developing areas such as China and India, where rising manufacturing output and fixed investment will fuel growth. The advanced nations of North America, Western Europe and the Asia/Pacific region (i.e., Australia and Japan) comprise relatively mature markets for material handling. A healthy economic outlook coupled with a pickup in fixed investment will support material handling demand in the US, while expanding manufacturing output will support gains in Japan and Western Europe.

DJ Products – Ergonomic Material Handling

I’d like to take a minute to introduce readers of this blog to a friend of mine in the blogosphere and a fellow Minnesota material handling company.  DJ Products is a Minnesota based ergonomic material handling products company whose line of motorized carts is well known in many industries.  They offer a full line of push carts, a power mover, a tugger, a trailer mover and other ergonomic powered carts to fit a variety of needs within a number of specialized industries.

Their products range from pulling and pushing industrial carts, hospitality & hospital carts and shopping carts all the way to pulling, pushing and moving cars, trucks & trailers.  Needless to say, these carts have some serious power.

In addition to their product line, Jeff authors an industry material handling and ergonomics blog that is full of great tips, industry specific information, case studies and more.  I can highly recommend this blog as an excellent resource for material handling and logistics information.

So do yourself a favor and add this one to your reading list.  You wont regret it.

Link: DJ Products Homepage
Link: DJ Products Blog

Top 8 Most Unique and/or Overlooked Products in our eStore

Okay – I’ll admit it, this post is a shameless plug for our online store, but I think you’ll agree that these products are both unique and in the right situation, very useful.   So…without further delay – here they are.

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US scrap prices to see huge decline in September

In September, US scrap market insiders are expecting a major drop in prices. In some regions of the country, scrap prices have already started to decline in recent days. Shredded scrap prices could fall by as much as $155 /lt to a level of around $400 /lt; while HMS I is expected to drop by around $145 /lt to the level of $300 /lt.

The huge price drop is mainly due to the weak export market,. Turkey, which is traditionally the leading scrap importer from the US, enters the month of Ramadan at the start of next week along with the Middle Eastern countries, and, therefore, foreign scrap demand may continue to be slow in September. The market is still looking for equilibrium, so prices are expected to settle more next week with the new pricing levels becoming more apparent. Source:

First Annual Online Auction

ATTN: If you are a person who loves a bargain, this is for you. in Winsted, is inviting you to bid at their first annual online equipment auction.

Includes hundreds of items for home or business

Items like :

  • wood and metal working equipment.
  • tools
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  • Shelving
  • conveyor
  • forklifts
  • office equipment
  • electrical supplies

Many selling for only 10 cents on a dollar.

This is an online no reserve auction

Everything will be sold no matter what the price.

So if you love a bargain,

Go to this page and start the bidding from the comfort of your home or office.

How To Save When Buying Online

In the past it took time to bargain hunt, going from shop to shop comparing prices, but these days there are websites which do all the work for you. You will not even have to navigate between websites; all you need do is log onto an online shopping website which offers a price comparison service.

By searching for a specific product on a good price comparison site you will be able to view the product at different prices, as offered from competing sellers. Essentially they are fighting it out against each other in order to make the sale, leaving you, the consumer, to reap the rewards of their battle.

So how do you go about finding that item you’ve been daydreaming about? Simply type in a suitable phrase in your favourite search engine, try “compare prices for” or something similar, and find a site that offers price comparison services. Navigate your way onto the website and look for a category list; you should be able to search within the categories for the specific item you’re looking for. You may even find the item on a list of popular products.

Once you have found the item you are interested in buying, you can compare the price differences between different online sellers. The way the price comparison websites work is by allowing online sellers to sell through the comparison site, so you can view the product information from various sources in a standardised format, and then choose the best price and buy.

Smarter Shopping

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping online in this way. Naturally you would like to find the best price, but what you are really after is the best deal. The difference between getting a cheap price and a good deal is in the quality of the product you are buying. Make sure that you are purchasing an item of the quality and standard you require. Comparing digital cameras in general may result in you finding a cheap camera, but be sure that it has the features you want and that it is from a reputable manufacturer.

The quickest way to shop would be to know the exact product you are looking for, which would allow you to search by the specific item name or model number. This will allow you to compare prices on the specific model from a specific manufacturer. Here you need not worry about comparing functions, because you know exactly what you are getting. Although this way of shopping is quick and easy, it may pay off to look at products from rival manufacturers, as they may have a similar item at a lower cost, making for a great deal.

Source :  Deals (

Mills Raise Flat Rolled Steel Prices

U.S. Steel has been informing their customers of a price increase on all flat-rolled products. The increase is $40 per ton ($2.00/cwt) over their existing spot prices.

This puts the Hot Roll spot base at $55.00/cwt ($1,100 per ton), Cold Rolled at $60.00/cwt ($1,200 per ton), Galvanized at $61.00/cwt base ($1,220 per ton) and Galvalume at $61.50/cwt base ($1,230 per ton).  My understanding is the prices are effective September 1, 2008.
Some have suggested U.S. Steel may be “posturing” to fill their August order book. However,some U.S. Steel customers are concerned requests for more tons during August resulted in “no availability” answers.

ArcelorMittal responded later in the day and starting informing their customers they would match the U.S. Steel increase of $40 per ton ($2.00/cwt) on all flat rolled products. However, ArcelorMittal is making the increase on hot rolled coil effective with any new orders for August.  Cold rolled and Coated (Galvanized, Galvalume) would become effective on September 1st.
Information courtesy SteelMarketUpdate news.

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