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Lift Truck Extravaganza!

As part of the recent warehouse acquisition in South Carolina, SJF purchased over 25 great forklift trucks!

These trucks are all in excellent condition, have relatively low hours and can be used for a variety of warehouse tasks.  Below, find a summary of each lift truck type currently available, and links to them on the website.

Bendi Swivel Front Forklifts

Bendi Swivel Front Forklifts

5 ea. available – Model B30
Quad Mast (204″/258″)
Additional Batteries & Chargers Available

$21,000 ea.

View More Photos & Details
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2013 Reloaded

SJF’s 30+ Year Tradition Continues

This year’s annual Christmas Buffet & Awards event featured BBQ pork & beef with homemade corn bread, shrimp cocktail, desserts, craft beer and even some Serbian moonshine compliments of our installers in Chicago. 2013 proved to be a great year for the company as demonstrated by a record 6 member of the inside sales team qualifying for induction into the “million dollar club”.


2013 marked a year where the production shop turned out great product in record time. Let’s face it … everyone wants it yesterday.
The yard crew also did an outstanding job pulling equipment and getting orders shipped accurately and on time. This was an amazing task on more than a few occasions to say the least. The office staff barely maintained their sanity in 2013 but rumor has it there is light at the end of the tunnel in 2o14. I for one will believe it when I see it.


Lori, Ed, Frank and the rest of the staff had their hands full in 2013 to put it mildly. Incorporating new technologies, changing processes, adding and learning new systems while continuing to process sales orders without delay or incident can prove rather challenging at the best of times. Not a feat for mere mortals – but they found a way to get it done. A great team effort by everyone here.
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Facetime Q&A

Today more than ever it’s vital for material handling sales professionals to thoroughly know about and accurately represent the equipment they have available for sale.  “Live virtual viewing” of equipment is just one of the many new tools that SJF has recently incorporated to provide its clients accurate detailed information on equipment for sale.

On Tuesday January 8th, SJF initiated the first “Virtual Walkthrough” for the sales employees.  This walkthrough of the most recent warehouse liquidation enabled Sam Sterner (SJF’s lead purchasing agent) to take the sales team on a virtual tour of the equipment available at the recent purchase.  Several of the sales staff had questions about the rack, forklifts and more.  Sam was able to easily provide answers, and even throw a tape measure on equipment for the staff to view.
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Complete Warehouse Liquidation – January 2014

SJF is currently liquidating Rack, Forklifts, Conveyor & more from a warehouse in South Carolina.  Links to this equipment can be found below – but all of this equipment MUST be moved before the end of the month.  Any interest in this equipment, please call an SJF representative at 800-598-5532.

Teardrop (Mecalux) Pallet Racks

Flexible Conveyors

Forklift Battery Changing System

Electric Pallet Jacks

Bendi (Swivel front) Forklifts

Other equipment from this purchase includes (but is not yet listed) Lift Tables, Sit-Down Forklfit Trucks, Order Picker Lift Trucks, and Gravity conveyor.  If you have any interest in this equipment, please call immediately.  We are selling it out of its current location and there has already been a lot of interest.  All sales will be first-come, first-served.

New Upgrades Make a Safer More Efficient Workplace

Hello again, readers!

Today I’d like to tell you about some improvements we have going on at SJF’s headquarters in Winsted, MN.  These updates are part of an initiative to make the shop safer and production easier on the employees.  First, SJF is installing a brand new crane-way.  This overhead structure will allow workers to more easily move rack, conveyor and carousel projects around the shop easily.

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December 2013 Update

Though the weather is grown cold (-10 at the time of this writing) and the blog has been a little dormant – rest assured, dear readers that behind the scenes we are very busy at SJF.  December has seen a massive influx of pallet rack, drive-in rack systems, and complete conveyor systems for sale.  SJF currently has over 10,000 beams and 1,000 good quality uprights available for immediate sale in our Winsted, MN inventory.
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Featured Client: Permobil

Permobil has been a leader in the power wheelchair industry for more than 45 years. An innovative and sought-after company, their products are asked for by name and are well known for exceptional quality and reliability.  Permobil proudcts are trusted by therapists, prescribers, dealers and consumers world wide.

Permobil contacted Kendal Kalamaha at SJF last fall with a request to design a high-density storage system for their palletized power wheelchairs. These pallets were unique in that they were a european pallet size, and a bit lighter than is typical for American pallet loads. This meant that for a dynamic flow system, the braking would have to be custom tailored to the application.
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Guest Post: The Best Cheapest Fuel That You’re Not Using

Today’s post is courtesy of our friend Paul Schroeder.

I have a fuel quiz for all you supply chain folks out there. Ready?

  1. When was the last time the price of diesel dipped below $3/gallon nationally?
  2. When was the last time gasoline fell below $3/gallon nationally?
  3. When was the last time gasoline fell below $2/gallon nationally?
  4. When was the last time gasoline fell below $1/gallon nationally?

Have your answers? Great. Now here are two bonus questions:

  1. What was the price per gallon of compressed natural gas in 1999?
  2. How much did the price of compressed natural gas increase since January 2012?

Why ask these questions?

Simple. The price at the pump is going down . . . sort of. News reporters are happily gushing about fuel projections— how prices might dip to near $3/gallon or perhaps slightly less by year’s end. Good news, right? For smart fleet managers in the supply chain it’s both yes and no.

It is good news because the amount of fuel used to keep the supply chain humming is pretty significant. Locking in lower fuel costs saves money a company can invest in something that improves the overall operation of the company. However, falling gasoline and diesel prices are still too high. Smart fuel managers in the supply chain also know how volatile the gasoline and diesel markets are. All it takes for a new round of price increases is a crackpot in the Middle East, a natural disaster or a disruption in refining to send prices back to record levels.
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